Emotional eating under stress - how to cope

Emotional eating under stress - how to cope
Emotional eating under stress - how to cope

Stress can affect you on many levels and affect your he alth, both physical and mental. It can also affect eating and cause so-called emotional eating. It leads to overeating with excess calories, and as we know, these in turn lead to excess weight with all its side effects.

When you are under stress, a large amount of cortisol - the stress hormone - is released. This can prompt you to eat something satisfying and comforting. It will calm you down for a moment and make you feel better, but only for a moment. Endorphins will be released, which will blunt the effect of cortisol, but this carries the risk of addiction.The addiction is not to the food itself, but to the pleasant feeling of calmness and bliss it brings you after consuming it.

If you often give in to this urge to eat hearty, high-calorie and satisfying food, it can seriously affect your weight. The solution is not to simply stop eating, but to manage stress. When you are able to control it, it will be easier for you to control emotional eating, which is a consequence of high levels of stress.

How to reduce stress and avoid emotional eating that causes you to consume large amounts of excess calories?

Try to stick to the balance

Easy to say, hard to do. It's true, but it's so important. When you strive for balance in life and nutrition, it makes managing stress easier. Don't ban your favorite foods forever. Don't beat yourself up when you're tempted. Just accept that these favorite high-calorie, sugary foods will be something you indulge in every once in a while.If it's easier for you, set conditions under which you can afford them. The important thing is not to give in to emotions when you want something rewarding. Emotions will always accompany you, but you should know that you will not always be able to give in to them.

Be careful

Many studies have shown that people who are prone to binge eating and emotional eating have had chronically high levels of stress. To deal with this, counteract the stress itself. Hobbies, walks, sports, favorite activities, socializing with friends are just some of the ways to fight stress. You cannot remove it from your life because it is everywhere in your daily life. Instead, try to manage it.

Eat slowly and purposefully

Eating slowly and consciously swallowing each bite with attention helps to eat he althily, wholesomely and consciously. This will prevent you from overeating because your body will have enough time to "feel" the signals that you are full.

Don't be distracted while eating

Create a safe eating zone where you don't think about anything but eating. Don't rummage through your phone, don't watch TV, don't get distracted by other activities. Just focus on eating because everything else distracts you from it and makes you eat more than you need.

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