How to overcome public speaking stress

How to overcome public speaking stress
How to overcome public speaking stress

Every person at some point has had to perform in front of an audience. Be it for a presentation, giving a speech or expressing an opinion. There is a good chance that one of the reactions in the days near the presentation will be fear of the unknown. Common for most people are the thoughts “Will the audience like my presentation? Will I totally expose myself, becoming a laughing stock? What will I wear? How am I going to read this complicated word that is important to mention?” Fear not, these questions are normal and many of us have probably asked ourselves. As for what the solution to these questions is, in the following lines we will try to save you future worries by sharing with you some tips to deal with this stress.

Keep your composure

I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear when you're stressed about a presentation fast approaching on the horizon, but this first step is very important. When a person is working under a lot of stress, they often make small mistakes that can later turn out to be disastrous. So it's good to stay a minute or two with your thoughts. Don't let the nagging voice in your subconscious dictate how you perform. Instead of thinking about the negative, try to imagine the perfect presentation. Visualize your audience, your gestures, your pronunciation, and above all, your success. Often our first reaction is pessimism, but to succeed you must think positively.

You are not alone

It may be difficult at first to think that your friends are experiencing the same concerns as you, but they are. In most cases, you are not the only person experiencing fear and uncertainty.A possible way to calm down is to contact one of the other presenters, if there are any. When you explain your concerns to someone who is in the same situation as you, you will be able to bond. Finding this common concern will help you overcome the stress at least a little. When you realize that everyone around you is experiencing the same worries, it will make you more confident and even in the process you will be able to help each other by motivating each other. Knowing that you are presenting to at least one or two acquaintances will give you more peace of mind.


Prepare well

Depending on the complexity of the material given to you, it is good to prepare properly. Be as prepared as possible. Find all sorts of information and perspectives. When a question pops into your head during the study - try to explain it to yourself. Your audience may be asking the same question during your presentation.Being able to learn your material well will make you more confident if an audience question is on the horizon.

The pursuit of perfection often leads to failure

It's normal to want everything to happen the way we envisioned it. Unfortunately, very often in life, the situation that we planned to happen one way, happens in a completely different way. Don't strive for absolute perfectionism. The presentation in our minds went beautifully without any hiccups, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the actual situation is often a bit different. It is completely normal to forget a sentence from your pre-prepared plan. Sometimes you misread a term or mispronounce someone's name. As they say, to err is human. Don't take it to heart. Move forward boldly. Sometimes mistakes make us more interesting to the audience without even realizing it.

Silence is not the end

We often associate sudden silence from a forgotten sentence or a momentary distraction with something bad. We are used to speaking quickly during our presentation and not leaving many pauses between our sentences, but sometimes this silence can be to our advantage. When you keep a little silence every now and then, you give yourself extra time to go over your material and think about your next sentence. Also, the audience will have more time to process what they just heard. In this case, everyone wins. This is just one small step towards your future success. Walk it with your head held high.

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