Symptoms of a nervous breakdown

Symptoms of a nervous breakdown
Symptoms of a nervous breakdown

Stress in small amounts can be beneficial, even motivating. The daily life of each of us is filled with stress and nervous tension. Not being able to deal with them sometimes can lead us to a nervous breakdown. There are some clear signs that suggest one, such as:

Constant headaches

One of the reasons for the appearance of an unexplained headache can be a nervous disorder. Our body always tells us when stress and tension are in excess, and the first sign is a headache. Also the jaws, neck, shoulders are most affected.


Nervous disorder physically manifests itself in various forms, palpitations being one of them.When we are tense, our breathing is uneven, which also leads to an irregular heartbeat. To normalize it, try to calm down, breathe deeply, take a light walk.

Disturbed sleep

Are you sleeping soundly? If not, pay attention to the stress levels in your daily life. When we are too stressed, depression inadvertently becomes a part of our lives. Insomnia or long hours of sleep. To change this, try to create a calm atmosphere for sleep, exercise more often, meditate, practice yoga.

Mood Change

Nervous disorder can often cause frequent mood swings and inexplicable feelings of anger, irritability, crying, and other emotional reactions unrelated to the situation.

You have a hard time focusing

Just think when you're nervous it's hard for you to focus on work, kids, routine tasks, right? It's like your mind is preoccupied with negative emotions. If these moments are common for you, you are probably suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Changes in eating habits

Change in body weight is one of the first indicators that it is time for a change. When we are stressed, we either lose our appetite or get overwhelmed by emotional eating. You feel bad, you reach for unhe althy foods or you don't put a morsel in your mouth for days. In some people, severe eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia also follow.

Stomach upset

Stress and anxiety have a direct impact on the he alth of our digestive system. It is related to mental he alth. When you are tense, ailments such as diarrhea, constipation, pain in the abdomen, stomach can occur.

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