We have been together for a year, but things are not working out

We have been together for a year, but things are not working out
We have been together for a year, but things are not working out

Perhaps there is no woman who has not been in a relationship with a partner who does not deserve her attention and affection. At the beginning, every relationship is romantic, beautiful, or at least that's what we expect. But there are exceptions.

Today in our column "What troubles you in love?" life coach and matchmaker Eva Kuleva answers a question from a reader whose relationship is far from romantic.

Question: We have been together for 1 year, but things are definitely not going well. He doesn't want us to go out together, he doesn't respect my family, he doesn't even want to come with me to their house, everything annoys him. When friends invite me, he doesn't come with me with the excuse that he's going to get drunk and cause trouble or always makes excuses.He is irresponsible even to our household bills, we may have 20 BGN and be stuck up to our necks, and then he takes them and goes to the casino. I can talk a lot more… My question is how to make him talk about the problems and most importantly to realize that we have a problem and naturally take things calmly and not explode. Thanks.

Eva Kuleva: He gets drunk, he's irresponsible, he's addicted to gambling, he explodes, he doesn't realize he has a problem… I don't believe you can handle this situation without professional help.

To choose such a partner and continue to stay in this relationship means you believe that this is what you deserve. Either you have addictions too, or your self-esteem is very low, or you don't believe you can have a fulfilling relationship. In any case, I recommend that you contact one or two psychotherapists and choose who to work with.

You can also read the book Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood.

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