Why is the Scandinavian method of sleep useful and how does it work?

Why is the Scandinavian method of sleep useful and how does it work?
Why is the Scandinavian method of sleep useful and how does it work?

Sleep can be a real challenge when you sleep with your significant other in the same bed. Couples sleep together and there is a deep intimacy in that, creating a wonderful feeling of closeness with the person you love. Couples usually use one blanket to wrap themselves in at night. This is where the inconveniences and problems during sleep start.

You've probably woken up more than once because your partner is snoring, tossing and turning, and tugging at your blanket. At first glance, this may seem like a normal part of everyday life that almost all couples face, but it is a serious prerequisite for disturbed sleep.

The more often you wake up at night, the poorer and more incomplete your sleep. Poor and insufficient sleep is the basis for a number of he alth problems - physical, mental and emotional. Poor sleep can leave you incapacitated, without energy, disrupt your body's processes, lead to increased stress levels, metabolic problems, as well as affect your relationship very badly.

The Scandinavian sleep pattern comes to the rescue. What is he?

The Scandinavian method of sleep is a popular practice in northern countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, even Germany and Iceland. The basic concept, according to realsimple.com, is for partners to sleep with separate sheets. This way, you still share a bed, like a real couple, but remove the obstacles that a shared blanket creates.

This strategy is very profitable and that is why it is so popular. The method is effective because studies have found that sleeping in a shared bed but with separate sheets does not interrupt sleep as often as sleeping with a single sheet.It is no coincidence that the Scandinavian countries are ranked as some of the most outstanding in terms of sleep quality.

Denmark, Norway and Sweden rank third, fourth and sixth in terms of sleep quality, according to a study published in the Lifestyle Index of Sleep Junkie, while the US, for example, ranks 87th in this ranking.

If you want to sleep more fully and without waking up, try the Scandinavian sleep pattern. It can be crucial for good sleep, more energy and he alth.

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