Eating habits reveal personality

Eating habits reveal personality
Eating habits reveal personality

Do you know that a number of Western psychologists claim that eating habits and behavior at the table are directly related to our character traits? Entertainment site Bright Side reports that psychologist and catering company founder Juliet Boghossian says the best way to get to know a person is to take them out to dinner. What else the psychologist and her other Western colleagues think about eating habits and personality, see in the following lines.

How do we consume food?

According to Juliet Boghosyan, the single-mindedness of "fast eaters" prevents them from enjoying the good moments in life. Although such people are dynamic and have a wide circle of acquaintances, they only have time for two or three close friends.

People who eat more slowly are persistent and build habits more easily. But they tend to be selfish and put their own needs before those of others. They are slow not only at the table, but often at work as well.

You may have noticed that the people who are the most pleasant conversationalists for you finish eating at the same time as you. This is not accidental. These people are distinguished by a high degree of empathy, easily adapt to others and are able to find a compromise.

If a person's eating pace is determined by the schedule he has to follow, it means that he is used to doing his work conscientiously. At the end of the day, such people feel satisfied with what they have accomplished, but wonder how quickly time has passed.

Table Manners

According to studies, people who tend to taste food before trying it or order food without looking at the menu first, have a hard time coping with life changes.A person who eats everything before moving on to the next one is characterized by attention to detail.

According to Boghosyan, such people do their work with maximum dedication, but they also do not like changes. On the other hand, people who consume the same thing and refuse to try something new are usually neurotic and anxious even for no apparent reason.

The inquisitive person does not hesitate to ask the waiter questions about the choice of dish. Such a person is often ready for experiments and is able to go boldly forward to realize his new ideas.

Taste preferences

According to Alan Hirsch, who is the head of The Smell and taste treatment and research foundation, people who like to consume mostly s alty foods tend to go with the flow. They believe that external circumstances determine their destiny, not their own aspirations.

If you are one of those people who likes spicy food, then you most likely like order and don't want to waste time on details.

Studies show that hot people need the approval of others. For such individuals, it is important that their achievements are rewarded every time. And those who love sweets are more likely to volunteer to help those in need.

Fans of sour, s alty and pickled, are usually distinguished as pedantic personalities. If a person loves greasy sweet foods, such as heavy cream, creamy ice cream, this is an indicator of a chronic lack of love, regret, according to scientists.

On the other hand, people who prefer lighter foods, candied fruits, are usually careless, light-hearted, but also agreeable.

If a person prefers to eat only vegetables, this indicates increased aversion, fear of difficulties.

People who excel as warriors like to eat combination dishes such as meat with potatoes, vegetable stew, kebab with vegetables.

Romantics, dreamers and travelers like to consume smoked foods - meat, fish, cheeses. Cheese lovers are considered the most reliable people. They are consistent, but also lenient, moderate in everything.

Those who can't do without potato chips are often successful in both business and family life, and pretzel eaters are lively and energetic. They are not interested in ordinary things and do not like routine.

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