6 red flags in friendship

6 red flags in friendship
6 red flags in friendship

In our life we ​​meet many different people. With some of them we get closer, we become friends. The time and the situations we find ourselves in are a test of how much a person is really our friend. It's good to keep an eye out for red flags as well, and if they're there, think about some things. Envy, intrigue, frequent conflicts are just some of the red flags that you should not ignore. Check out some more.

Empty promises

Have you heard the saying that a man is worth his word? Unfortunately, we can have a friendship with someone for years, or think we have, but that person doesn't keep their word. This can apply both to small things and to the moments when we rely on his assistance as a friend.When this person fails us several times, we already know that we cannot rely on him.

Neglecting Your Needs

Another red flag to watch out for in your friendships is when your girlfriend or boyfriend is missing when you need her/him. When the other party needs help, advice, wants you to visit a new place to eat, shop, etc., you are always there because you are a true friend. But as soon as you want to do something different together, to be listened to, you have great difficulties, your girlfriend/boyfriend is only in theory by your side.

This is a sign of a one-sided friendship. Both in love and in friendships, the give and take process must be two-way and have a balance.

You are under constant tension around them

It's only normal to be careful about what we say to our friends so as not to hurt their feelings.But if there is a person in your environment who takes offense at the slightest thing, always creates drama, gets angry when his wishes are not satisfied, think about whether you need this tension.

You can't be yourself

Although we don't share everything about our lives even with our closest friends and that's completely normal, it's important to be able to be ourselves in front of those we consider our friends. If you feel like you shouldn't share everything with your girlfriend, if she doesn't accept you for who you are, and often compares you to her other girlfriends, or if you feel like she's hiding things from you, the red flag about your relationship already divorced.

Failure to recognize your personal boundaries

Personal boundaries are something very important and it is important to set them with all the people in our lives. Toxic friends don't know these personal boundaries. They are able to constantly enter someone else's space, remind you of past events that they know bring you only negative emotions, give too often unsolicited advice, disparage you in front of other people, especially if you have not satisfied one of their desire.

Behavior during an argument

Friends argue, even those who have known each other forever. But arguments, conflicts are very indicative of whether we have a friend or just a good acquaintance. Arguments are a test of any kind of relationship. If you happen to be arguing with your girlfriend and the conversation gets heated because you have different positions, this is where the red flags start to show.

Behavior during an argument and especially after it, distancing yourself from you just because you think differently, is a sign of relationships that can be debatably called friendship. Of course, this is not a question of situations in which you inflict serious insults on the other party, have made an intrigue, etc.

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