10 signs of fake friendship

10 signs of fake friendship
10 signs of fake friendship

It is hard to imagine our life without friends. We have those from childhood, high school, university, work. Time, events, actions are a test of what kind of friends we are and what kind of friends we have around us. People change, and with them so do relationships. The older and wiser we become, the more we realize that we cannot afford to have false friends around us. What are the signs that maybe there are some near you?

1. He/she is your friend only for the good time, the fun. This is a signal that you finally have a person who is looking for a benefit from you. Be there when he misses company.

2. It's not there for you when you need help. In words, everyone can be a friend, empathetic, but when it is only words and there is no active action and real emotional support, then you obviously have a good acquaintance, but not a friend.

3. He always wants something from you. This is very similar to the first point of the signs of fake friendship. Users always have expectations of others.

4. They compare themselves, compete with you. Fake friends can be quite competitive, which stems from the jealousy they feel. They will always try to downplay your achievements, they may even try to make you doubt how unique you are as a person. All this is because usually such people suffer from a big ego, behind which a bunch of complexes are hidden.

5. They make you feel bad about yourself. A fake friend will not boost your self-esteem. Being in his company can make you feel insecure, used or judged.

6. They don't celebrate your personal victories with you. Personal victories can be successes at work, successful completion of studies, engagement, etc. Remember that the intonation with which someone speaks to you, as well as their expression when you share something joyful about you, are the biggest indicators whether this person enjoys your happiness.

7. He/she seems to drain your energy. This is a sign that not only do you not have a real boyfriend or girlfriend by your side, but that this person is a toxic person. Notice how you feel when you are with this person as well as after your date. There are some clear indications such as feeling nervous, tired, headache.

8. They talk about you behind your back. Sometimes this can be hard to see, but remember that if in a conflict situation of this person with another of his friends, he talks bad behind his back, he will certainly discuss you too.

9. Behaving disrespectfully. Fake friends don't invest in their relationships with people. He may try to trick you into thinking he's doing something for you, but it's usually because he has an interest, which he'll see sooner or later. Disrespect can be recognized in many different ways. Your personal holidays are one of the best indicators.

10. They are trying to sabotage you. Like competing with you, the fake friend may feel the need to sabotage you in certain situations with your friends, loved ones, colleagues, even your loved one.

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