11 things to remember when you're having a hard time

11 things to remember when you're having a hard time
11 things to remember when you're having a hard time

In life, everything happens so fast. Every day we have to be active, to help different people. We think about our own comfort, and sometimes we don't have time for it, we look for a way to always be perfect - in work, family… Sooner or later the moment comes when if we lack support, love, entertainment, hobbies, we surrender to anxiety, stress. We give some experiences and situations more importance than they deserve. And we sink into ourselves.

There are 11 things we should not forget when we are having a hard time. See who they are.

1. Not feeling OK all the time is actually normal.

2. Don't isolate yourself by avoiding answering calls, messages, meetings. This will further increase your feeling of loneliness.

3. There's sure to be at least one little thing you're thankful for. Try to be thankful for something every day, even if it's for a cup of coffee in the morning.

4. Time for you, your day. This is the day when you can watch movies, lie around as much as you want, not see anyone, go for a massage, etc. It is your time to take care of your spirit and body.

5. The negative behaviors and thoughts we have are actually self-sabotage.

6. Although it may sound trite to you, remember that you have something special to offer the world. Sometimes suffering makes us forget about our strengths. Don't let him.

7. You decide who you are. There will be people who will give you constructive criticism, but also others who will want to insult you just because they feel less strong and worthy than you.

8. Avoiding the pain only makes it come back stronger. The sooner you learn to process the pain, the sooner you can manage it and let it teach you something.

9. Alcohol, overeating, drug abuse without consulting a doctor do not make the situation better.

10. Dance, play sports, walk in nature. A number of studies have proven that it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

11. Crying helps to reduce stress. So if you feel like crying, don't hold back. Think that this way the pain goes away and it becomes easier for you. With each passing day, you will cry less because you are starting to stand on your own two feet.

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