Toxic habits that steal our positive energy

Toxic habits that steal our positive energy
Toxic habits that steal our positive energy

Holding back emotions, comparing to others, too much work and little personal timeā€¦ Sound familiar? Each of us has his bad habits that somehow hinder him. Sometimes we manage to replace one of them, replacing them with a habit that increases the positive energy in our life. In addition to those mentioned above, there are several other toxic habits that drain our energy. Here's who they are.

Pessimistic Thinking

This is the emotional trap that any of us can fall into very easily. This is our most common reaction when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, when things go wrong. However, too much fixation on the negative aspect of things, some of which do not even happen, and the inability to see the positive, leads to constant dissatisfaction, demotivation.Sometimes our emotions lead us in the wrong direction and we look for a way to put even a harmless situation in a bad light. This stress, saps our energy, sometimes for days, weeks.

Always strive for perfectionism

Another harmful habit that "steals" our energy is the constant pursuit of success, the desire to be supermothers, superhousewives and successful in our careers. To be the ideal partner for the beloved. All this turns us into a whirlwind that leads to physical and emotional stress. As a result, our positive energy is depleted and we may even lower our productivity.

What will people say

A harmful habit that prevents good energy in life and happiness. When we think about what others will say to ourselves because we've decided to follow our dreams, because we say no, because we cut toxic people out of our lives, etc., then we're devoting our thoughts and all our energy to chorus opinion.

We feel obliged to meet the expectations of colleagues, relatives, friends. Instead of putting ourselves first and considering our own needs, we prioritize other people and their needs.

Living in constant guilt and regret

Toxic emotions that become a harmful habit. Guilt for past mistakes or one that has been attributed to us by a manipulator in the person of a friend, intimate partner, colleague, relative, etc. Guilt in small doses is he althy for the personality, but living in it constantly or regretting what we haven't done, what could have been, commits us to our past, to our failures. Thus our positive energy is exhausted. We don't focus on the present and good opportunities. A destructive habit that makes us unfairly critical of ourselves.

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