5 signs someone is draining your energy

5 signs someone is draining your energy
5 signs someone is draining your energy

Have you been feeling exhausted lately, especially after meeting a friend, acquaintance, colleague, relative?

In our life we ​​meet certain people who drain us emotionally. After spending time with them, we need to recharge our energy levels. We try to see each other even less often, because we somehow feel that they are not a good influence on us. Even if we don't fight, these people negatively affect our energy.

What are the signs that this is the case?

You are experiencing physical ailments

The body will always tell you if the person you saw or talked to on the phone, for example, has exhausted your positive energy.Fatigue, frequent headaches, muscle tension, palpitations, trembling hands or an upset stomach… You may feel these ailments even while you are in a company or after you have separated. You may even experience mood changes such as irritability, apathy.


When someone drains our energy, we tend to feel drained both mentally and physically. Of course, feeling tired can be due to a number of reasons, such as few calories consumed, heat, lack of sleep and others.

However, if everything is fine with your nutrition and he alth, and you're worried that someone may be draining your energy, but you're not sure if your exhaustion is directly caused by them, look out for some very specific signs.

One of them is yawning. You slept well, you were energetic until the appearance of the appointed person. However, suddenly you start yawning while he is next to you and you are communicating.If this happens several times in a row on your dates, this person is definitely draining your energy.

You feel anxious when they are near you

Whether people who harm our energy levels always create drama or not, their presence makes you feel uneasy. Even a harmless conversation can make you feel irritated, wanting to challenge their every word because they're annoying you.

The other side feels better

Another sign that someone is drawing on your energy is that they are enhancing their own energy. For example – you see a friend who you suspect may be draining you emotionally. She has a problem that she dumps on you, of course with no interest in how your life is going. Time passes since your meeting and she tells you that she has calmed down with you, that she feels better. However, you don't feel that way.

You forget

When we interact with an energy vampire or toxic people in general, our mind is unable to function as usual. If you have the feeling that a certain person negatively affects your concentration, then this is a warning sign.

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