Hairstyle ideas that will rejuvenate you

Hairstyle ideas that will rejuvenate you
Hairstyle ideas that will rejuvenate you

“Hair can tell more about you than words” - every woman can confirm this! We know how hair affects our mood and sense of self, and here are some ideas how hair can rejuvenate us.

Over time, our hair becomes weaker, loses its color and density. The right haircut, color and shape can help us look five, even ten years younger. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Think carefully about what you want to emphasize – the eyes, the cheekbones or the overall shape of the face. It's also good to know which part of your face makes you feel confident - maybe your beautiful eyes or the right face shape? You can emphasize them with a certain hairstyle and hair color.

Choose the right shade of blonde

As time progresses, women are advised to choose a lighter, even blonde color. In this way, they can more easily cover up the white hairs, or at least make them relatively less noticeable.

If you also plan to dye yourself blonde, avoid ash blonde tones that have cold, bluish pigments - they will emphasize the discoloration of your skin. Instead, go for copper blonde shades with golden undertones. This will soften the features of the face, giving it a radiant glow.

Pixie cut

Besides being stylish, it is also very easy to maintain and can help you look a few years younger. This hairstyle will emphasize your cheekbones and eyes. You can achieve a more extravagant or stylish look depending on how you style your hair.

Soft voluminous waves

So-called “beach waves” are popular among younger ladies, but if you want to give your face a fresher look, you should actually avoid them. They will make your hair look dry and shapeless, which is an "effect" you don't need.

Instead, opt for voluminous, soft waves that will accentuate your face's natural glow. They will help you add volume as well as create the illusion of depth.

For ladies over 40

Light bangs, combined with a lopsided hairstyle - this will emphasize your eyes, shifting the focus away from the forehead. The perfect hairstyle for ladies with an oval face shape!



Easy and comfortable, the braid will create a feeling of youth and playfulness in the hair! Wear it to the side - this way you will give extra volume and emphasize the face. Remember - let the braid not be perfectly braided, but slightly shaggy.

Perfectly straightened hair with press

If you have a round face, this hairstyle is for you!

If you want the face to look one idea thinner:

– part your way down the middle, this way you'll hide some of the volume in your cheeks. For more playfulness – add color! Lighter tones at the ends of the hair will draw attention to the lower part of your face.

Hair layering

If you have curly hair, floors are the perfect solution for you. But be careful - don't make the length too short. The floors will help you reduce the aggravation of the hair, make it lighter, thereby emphasizing the beauty of the curls even more.

If you still decided not to dye your hair


Grey hair has a more stubborn and firm structure, so you don't need to add more volume. Straighten your hair and layer boldly! Keratin therapy is very suitable for you - it will reduce breakage and damage to your hair.

Thick bangs

Bangs are an ideal way to diversify your hairstyle, but remember that it should be tailored to the features and shape of your face. Thick bangs add an eccentricity to the expression, completely hide the wrinkles on the forehead, frame your face and emphasize the eyes.

Asymmetric Bob

An asymmetrical bob worn to one side drags the eye vertically, thus making the face look more elongated and thin, taking a few years off our age. It accentuates the cheekbones and gives a fresher look.

Dye your hair regularly

Grayed hair roots, combined with a faded color, will definitely add a few years to your age, and will also emphasize pigment spots and uneven complexion. Instead, choose darker tones for the roots and lighter tones for the lengths, preferably with reddish undertones.

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