Are you lucky according to scientists?

Are you lucky according to scientists?
Are you lucky according to scientists?

Everyone measures happiness differently. For some it is hidden in material gains, a successful career, for others in the sunny day, the purchased new book. Western scientists, who have conducted studies, come to a number of conclusions that lead them in the direction that some small things could be key to how happy we are.

If you are lucky according to scientists, see in the following lines.

You're always late

According to Western scientists, people who are always late turn out to be happier and even live longer. Chronic latecomers are also more optimistic about their time management. Their attitude is that they think they can do a lot in a short period of time, but they are actually running late.They are also calmer and don't panic when the situation gets tense.

You wake up early

The happiest people turn out to be early risers, research shows. Researchers compared early risers and "night owls" and their results showed that late sleepers who wake up later in the day were less satisfied with their lives and had more mental illnesses. Those who wake up early tend to have a genetic component that suppresses depression and chronic disease, scientists believe.

You have a sister

If you have a sister, you are probably one idea luckier than other people. Nurses encourage more open communication, which leads to better emotional expression. Scientists believe that this is probably because girls talk about their emotions more easily than boys.

You work as a florist or gardener

We know that spending time taking care of your favorite houseplants helps reduce tension or stress. According to research, florists and gardeners are the happiest of all professions.

Even prestigious and well-paid jobs do not provide the same amount of happiness, say experts. Surveys have shown that the least happy are employees in the field of human resources, working in the bank and the IT sector.

You consume a lot of fruits and vegetables

According to a study, people who increased their fruit and vegetable consumption from 3-4 servings to 8 servings a day were happier than before. One thing is for sure, these he althy foods make us he althier in many ways.

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