5 Signs You're Being Manipulated

5 Signs You're Being Manipulated
5 Signs You're Being Manipulated

Every day we communicate with different people. With some more, with others less. Each of them carries a variety of characteristics as a personality. Somewhere out there, in the face of a relative, loved one, friend or colleague, the manipulator is hiding. Often he acts in such a way that we become entangled in his web and for years we may not realize that we are the object of his manipulations.

What suggests that you might be in such a position?

They make conflict from the smallest

It is common behavior for manipulators to be nice and pleasant at the beginning of relationships, no matter what their character is, or after a critical situation has happened with them. Such personalities are well aware when they end up with a person who tries to avoid conflicts.When they show aggression, they create a scandal at the very least, it is so that the other side can give up something certain.

Manipulators always want to be in control, so it's important to remember to set boundaries and think of yourself first.

You have the feeling that you are not following your desires

If you constantly feel that you are doing something by force just to avoid conflicts with a certain person or group of people, that you are acting against your interests to please everyone, there is no doubt that you are a victim of manipulation. In this situation, you should try to overcome the fear of a possible conflict or that you may be rejected. If others value you, a compromise option will be found that is convenient for you too.

You always have to prove something

Manipulative people will make you feel like you have to constantly prove that you love them, that you respect them. If you do not do something according to their wishes, they will not hesitate to make you ungrateful.Make sure that your needs and wants are just as important as those of your partner, relative or friend. Don't let the balance be upset.

They don't directly say what they want

Manipulators like to play tricks on people they think can be their victim. They tend to twist what you said, "put" words in your mouth, lie to you. They think you have to feel what they want and definitely good communication with them is almost impossible.

Nevertheless, you insist on open communication and do not allow things to be imputed to you that you did not say or promise.

Tend to exaggerate

If you're still not entirely sure if you're being manipulated by someone, consider what that person said. A manipulator always exaggerates, especially if it's your fault or something you didn't do right. He is always the victim who gives everything for everyone and doesn't get enough.His words always aim to make you feel guilty, sorry, even when you shouldn't.

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