The worst things you say to your partner without realizing it

The worst things you say to your partner without realizing it
The worst things you say to your partner without realizing it

There is hardly a person who has not said affirmative words of appreciation to their partner. Very often we mistakenly think that if we express gratitude and appreciation to our partners through so-called words of kindness and affection, it can actually make things worse without ever realizing it.

According to relationship and relationship psychologists, the only "compliment" you should definitely avoid, as well as all its derivatives, is the phrase "I can't i live without you”.

You might think that your partner will be very happy to hear these words from you, but in fact, this is not the case at all. These words and their derivatives put a huge amount of subconscious pressure on your partner, and you don't even realize it.

Phrases like "I can't live without you" trigger an unconscious feeling of clinging, of addiction, in which your partner begins to receive a heavy psychological responsibility that he does not realize, but feels subconsciously. This activates the flight and withdrawal instincts that we all have. When one of the partners declares his complete commitment to the person next to him and his desire to devote himself completely to him, expecting the same in return, this makes the other person feel this responsibility too seriously, even to the point of causing negative emotions and actually played a bad joke in the relationship instead of bringing you closer.

Negative emotions can make you needy in your partner's eyes, dependent, even worthless, which is anything but attractive. People are attracted to each other when they live passionately, they radiate an attraction that is rooted mostly in. In this sense, putting your partner on a pedestal and constantly repeating that your life depends on him and that only he matters in it is playing the worst joke on you, which you do not realize.It's exhausting for your partner to think they're your crutch.

See why you should never say these words in front of your partner.

“You are my whole world”

Dr. Laura Lewis, licensed psychologist and founder of Couple Therapy in Atlanta tells that these kinds of phrases can be a huge red flag, especially if your relationship is relatively new. There is such a thing as being completely dependent on your partner, and if the relationship is based on that, our partner's expectations are to constantly coddle and take care of you. This creates a feeling of disappointment in him, of failure in his choice. Many men divorce their wives for this very reason.

You saved my life

This phrase can give the heavy savior feeling that you transfer to your partner. You raise him up as a god to worship, and that is a mistake.It is unreasonable to expect to be saved all the time, especially if you say this phrase often. It repels mates and has the exact opposite effect of the one you consciously or subconsciously aim for.

I don't know what I'd do without you

You may not realize it, but this phrase and its derivatives show that you are needy and don't know what to do with your life. This sentence conveys a helplessness that can make your partner feel trapped.

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