How does relationship status affect testosterone in men?

How does relationship status affect testosterone in men?
How does relationship status affect testosterone in men?

Men are always ready for. This notion is so popular among women that they can hardly be convinced otherwise. But the truth is that men's sexual desire can be affected by a number of factors. One of them is the level of the male hormone testosterone. According to WebMD, there is a link between testosterone and the status of a man. Surprisingly, whether a man is committed or in a long-term relationship has an effect on testosterone

A 2015 study cited by he shows that whether a man's status is "coupled" or "uncoupled" makes a difference to what his blood testosterone levels are.There was also a similarity in male hormone levels in single men and those in a new relationship of no more than a year. Men in new relationships are still in a physiological state that stimulates competition with other men, which raises testosterone levels because of a man's competitive nature.

Men who are in long-term relationships have lower testosterone levels. Men who have been in relationships for more than a year have significantly lower testosterone levels. This is associated with the relaxation in the relationship, the desire of men to take care of their families and children without having to compete with other men. Also, the psychological peace of having found the woman next to you causes testosterone levels to drop naturally.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, male sex hormone levels can also be affected by certain chronic diseases, alcohol abuse, sleep apnea, obesity, age, medication intake.

Since this study examines the relationship between a man's relationship status and his testosterone levels, we can also hypothesize the relationship between the sexual desire of single, newly engaged, and long-term engaged men. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many men lose their sexual desire towards their partners over time. But that's just a guess. The factors for decreased libido are too many to put in this box.

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