Mistakes we make when frying eggs

Mistakes we make when frying eggs
Mistakes we make when frying eggs

Fried eggs are a wonderful and easy way to prepare something tasty, he althy, and very fast. It looks like there's nothing to go wrong because it's so simple. But actually it is not like that at all. When frying eggs, some mistakes can occur that spoil their taste and texture, which makes the experience of eating them less pleasant.

Is there such a thing as frying eggs incorrectly? To exist. In order to make the most delicious and melt-in-the-mouth eggs, you must avoid some common mistakes. Here they are.

You are using the wrong pan

One of the most common mistakes when frying eggs is using the wrong pan for the purpose. Not every pan is suitable for frying eggs. It should have a non-stick surface, a thick bottom and not warped.

You don't use oil

Another common mistake is avoiding oil or using any fat. If you're trying to cook he althy, don't avoid fat entirely. Just control the amount and type of it you use. If you don't fry the eggs in fat, they will become dry, not fluffy, and the chance of them burning on the bottom is much greater. Also, they won't cook as well and evenly as they should.

You put the eggs in a cold pan

It is very important to wait for the temperature of the pan to rise enough before putting the eggs in it. If you put them in a cold pan, their taste will deteriorate, and they will absorb all the fat in the pan, which will make their consumption extremely unpleasant. Instead, always wait for the pan and oil to get hot enough before adding the eggs to it.

Fry at very high temperatures

Too high a temperature runs the risk of burning the eggs on the underside. This will prevent them from cooking inside and out. It is best to fry the eggs on medium heat so that they have time to cook on all sides.

Using old eggs

Old eggs not only do not taste good, but they can also be dangerous to your he alth. Always make sure your eggs are fresh before you cook them.

You beat the eggs right in the pan

Avoid cracking the eggs directly into the pan or beating them in the pan, as you risk getting shells and other debris from the shell itself. It is preferable to break the eggs in a bowl beforehand, regardless of whether you are going to scramble them or fry them "on your eyes".

Using cold eggs

One of perhaps the most common mistakes is frying cold eggs from the refrigerator. Eggs are best fried when they are at room temperature. This way they become fluffy, cook more slowly and evenly and do not burn on the outside.

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