Yuliyana Doncheva published the novel KryptoQueen

Yuliyana Doncheva published the novel KryptoQueen
Yuliyana Doncheva published the novel KryptoQueen

One of the most current and curious topics in the last few years and especially this summer is cryptocurrency trading. The name of Bulgarian Dr. Ruzha Ignatova, head of "One Coin", made a splash with her announcement among the top 10 most wanted fraudsters in the world. She becomes the prototype of Vyara Raeva, the main character in the new novel by Yuliyana Doncheva - "КриптоQueen", but the author does not seek to be likened - she further develops the image her, gives her irresistible charisma and a different destiny. The book is published with the logo of the Knigomania publishing house and is already distributed in bookstores.

The characters in the novel, led by the overeducated Vyara Raeva, prepare their virtual network for hunting fools.Millions of people from all over the world fall into it, among them is the Bulgarian Iliya. Driven by the primal instinct to get rich quick, he falls into the trap of criminal minds. Yuliana Doncheva surprises with a nicely written thriller in which the tension and daring plot keep the reader until the last page. The author enters the world of the rich and reveals not only the glittering business parties and deals for millions, but also the price the gullible pay for the easy money. Myth busting is inevitable even in the digital age.

The plot of the novel "CryptoQueen" takes us to some of the most luxurious and exotic destinations in the world that have become everyday life for successful businessmen - the islands of Capri, Ischia and Sorrento in Italy, Macau, Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Phuket Island. Yuliana Doncheva took care to immerse the reader as much as possible in the action of the book by adding QR codes to some of the chapters - after scanning the codes with a phone, you come across a selection of picturesque photos for each of the destinations.

On the cover you will also notice a QR code, which takes us to a specially made promotional page for the novel "CryptoQueen" - such a trick has not been used in cover design before.

The very title "CryptoQueen" suggests that the action takes place in virtual money, and in the hands of the reader is a novel with an impressive plot, dynamism and climax, with well-constructed images. The intrigue in the plot goes through the entire scale from poverty to abundance, with Yuliana Doncheva particularly plastically depicting the trials of the spirit, ambition and friendship as driving forces and motives.

"CryptoQueen" gives an unequivocal answer to the question of what cryptocurrencies are in the modern world. It is built on the fine line between serious cryptocurrencies and stock games, on the one hand, with scams disguised in their name - between real virtual capitals and fraudulent ones offered with spectacular PR tricks.

It is no coincidence that the great entrepreneur Warren Buffett compared cryptocurrencies to "rat poison".In Yuliana Doncheva's book, the "fakes" are revealed with impressive depth, convincingness and through realistic images and situations that captivate the reader. The novel reflects the digital finance fad that has penetrated so deeply into modern society that it affects the elite rich, the upstarts, and the impoverished unemployed and idlers.

The rush to get rich quickly turns out to be an insidious trap and a serious test of values ​​across strata of different educational and property status. Fortunes are changed by greed for the "big money" and quick investments in the unknown virtual cryptocurrencies. Success at the top of the financial pyramid comes not only to the most skilled and cold-blooded financiers, but also to the most unscrupulous. One wrong step leads to further failures, to f altering, to addiction and even to crime. The metamorphoses the characters go through in the novel are thought-provoking.

In addition to how bitcoins are mined and how a blockchain is built, the novel analyzes and answers a number of moral questions, such as the eternal relationship between love and money.And does fame feed one's ego and the ego of one's partner? Also, is criminal behavior justified if you are pressed by dire circumstances?

About the Author

Yuliyana Doncheva is a television journalist, politician and businesswoman. He graduated from the natural science high school in Shumen, and then the UASG in the city of Sofia. A long-time presenter on the Italian television Rai 2, as well as on BNT. In 2001, he became a member of the 39th National Assembly as a deputy from the NDSV parliamentary group, and later vice-chairman of the "New Time" parliamentary group. After leaving politics, he devoted himself to a business career. A mother of two sons, Juliana has been interested in he althy lifestyle and nutrition for years, which she writes about in her books - "Code Red: My Truth About Food" and "Code Red: Botox in the Mind". In 2021, her debut novel "The Road" will be published.


CryptoQueen Novel Reviews:

Yuliana Doncheva's new novel is an impressive literary reflex of the transformations in virtual reality and in particular of its dark, insidious and dangerous sides. Quick success, including making "easy money", is one of life's most insidious traps. The author attractively and intelligently mixes high-tech intrigues, unscrupulousness, shocking audacity and moral deviations in her plot. The book is a kind of vitamin against naivety. Don't miss the chance to feel and understand this fascinating message!

prof. Lubomir Stoykov

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