10 ways to add more protein to your diet

10 ways to add more protein to your diet
10 ways to add more protein to your diet

Proteins are one of the most important food groups for our he alth. It is important to provide both plant and animal sources. Proteins are the kind of food that keeps us full, especially when we want to lose a few extra pounds. See 10 easy ways to add protein to your daily menu, not only for a good figure, but also for more he alth.

1. Add natural yogurt to your menu. There are so many he althy combinations, 2. Delicious eggs for breakfast instead of cereal. Eggs are rich in proteins that fill us up, help burn extra pounds, and provide us with energy.

3. A handful of walnuts for a snack, on a salad or in a he althy smoothie. Nuts are not only a wonderful element as a taste, but they are rich in proteins, vitamin E, antioxidants, magnesium, selenium. Of course, you can enrich your recipes with other nuts.

4. Eat skir. Great desserts are obtained with skier, it can be added to salads, sauces, smoothies. It is rich in protein and has very little fat. More about him

5. Add lentils to your soup, salad. Another he althy way to add he althy protein to your diet is with lentils. It is a great addition to both meat and vegetarian recipes. In addition to brown, green, black and red lentils are very tasty and useful.

6. Don't skip the dark beans and quinoa. Satisfying, delicious, a supplement to any he althy diet.

7. In addition to white brine cheese, try cottage cheese. It has less s alt but is rich in protein and he althy fats. It's great to eat as it is, on a salad, even to make pancakes.

8. Replace sausages with roasted or boiled meat, fish. Sausages contain a lot of sodium, preservatives and other ingredients that can be harmful to our he alth. They're quicker and easier when we're making a sandwich, but think about how much protein you'll get if you eat them and how much if you replace them with a nice piece of roast meat or fish.

9. Eat sesame tahini. But in moderation, as it is caloric, but it is an extremely useful source of protein. Improves digestion, is rich in iron, saturates, gives energy. In combination with a little honey, it can help you cheat your hunger for sweets. It is a great addition to homemade hummus, smoothies, sauces.

10. Add peas to dishes, salads. Delicious green peas are not only rich in protein but also in fiber. It is suitable for making dips, salads, stews. It is also suitable for dieting.

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