Interesting uses of lard

Interesting uses of lard
Interesting uses of lard

Lard used to be a major cooking ingredient in the past. In modern perceptions, it is often stigmatized because of its saturated fat content. Opinions differ, as in some diets, such as the keto and paleo diets, lard is an acceptable product for consumption.

Lard can be used in ways other than cooking. Here's how to have it in and out of the kitchen.

To make the most delicious biscuits

Lard is the secret to getting the most delicious pies, biscuits and buttery pasta. We know from our grandmothers that everything is better when cooked with butter. Liquid cooking fats and butter can hardly replace its qualities.

For roasting vegetables

If you try roasting your vegetables with oil, you probably won't want to cook with any other fat again. Their texture and taste are quite different from cooking them with other types of fat. If you follow a keto or paleo diet, try using lard in your meals and you will feel the difference.

To make popcorn

Because of its high melting point, lard does not burn as easily as vegetable oils. This means you can make the most amazing popcorn to please your family and loved ones. Their taste will be irresistible.

For greasing pans and trays

Lard is a great way to grease pans and baking and frying pans so that nothing sticks to them. Masta spreads much easier than butter and adds a fantastic flavor to dishes and baked goods.

To make soap

You can make wonderful soaps the old-fashioned way with homemade lard. If you like to tinker, you'll love playing around with the essential oils you can add to your homemade soap, as well as other fragrant and beneficial ingredients.

To make candles

Do-it-yourselfers often use lard to make candles with a variety of scents. If you're worried your home will smell like bacon if you use lard, you're wrong. With the right additives, essential oils and fragrances, the smell of fat is not felt.

As a hydrating product

Ointment has been used for centuries in traditional folk medicine instead of cream. It has hydrating properties. It is rich in saturated fats that penetrate the skin and nourish it. It is even effective for erasing scars and stretch marks.

For chapped lips

Lard is a natural product that can be applied directly to the lips as well. If you do not want to use ready-made lip balms, in which there are various impurities, not always useful, apply oil on the lips. Masta nourishes, hydrates and thickens them.

For leather polishing

Leather furniture and products can be polished very well with the help of oil. It is also suitable for maintaining a tree. Use a cotton cloth to rub a small amount of oil into your leather or wood furniture and fixtures. This will protect them from damage.

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