Secrets for a nice, plump bun

Secrets for a nice, plump bun
Secrets for a nice, plump bun

It is approaching, and with the big holiday invariably comes the preparations for the table. A special place, of course, is the holiday bread -.

We asked our culinary consultant, master chef Boris Kolaksyzov, who gave us a few tricks on how to make our kozunak perfect for Easter:

- it is important to sift the flour well and mix it carefully with the yeast, for a long time, because the more you mix the dough, the fluffier and "stringy" the kosunaka will become;

- the eggs should be taken out of the refrigerator beforehand and at room temperature, and the milk should be at a temperature of 35 degrees;

- first let the dough rise at room temperature, then flatten it and then let it rise for another half hour;


- bake at no more than 200 degrees for about 50 minutes;

- if you prepare kozunak with chocolate, raisins, fruits, marmalade or nuts, it is good to know that they are always added at the end, during the second rise.

If you also have good culinary practices for making kozunak, please share them with us in a comment below the article!

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