Homemade Easter cake

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Homemade Easter cake
Homemade Easter cake



1 kg flour

6 eggs

300 g sugar

250 g fresh milk

1 large butter

the juice of half a lemon

May 30

pinch of s alt



other optional nuts or dried fruit


The yeast is soaked in warm milk, a pinch of s alt and a little sugar. Mix, add a little flour and leave to rise. Add half of the melted butter and lemon juice. The rest of the milk, the sugar. And little by little the flour. It mixes. Add the other half of the butter and knead again.It has to be kneaded long and continuously, for which you need to have very strong hands. I tried it once - it works! But I think that will end my attempts at making homemade kozunak for now, unless I risk testing how it kneads kozunak in the washing machine Maybe they told you how well it kneads kozunak by putting the dough in sturdy bags and putting it in the centrifuge. I don't know if it's worth trying to screw up the washing machine for the one coat, but if it's done right there shouldn't be any mistakes.

Anyway, after kneading the dough well and rising well, braid it and place it in a pre-greased pan. Let it rise a little more. Spread a yolk on top, sprinkle with sugar and sprinkle almonds here and there. Before that, inside the dough you can put - raisins, Turkish delight cut into small pieces, walnuts, pieces of chocolate and whatever you have in mind. After all, that's why we make homemade kozunak, to put something we can't buy.

Everyone should try to make homemade kozunak at least once. It's definitely an experience, and then you can explain at length how you did it when you were a kozunak.

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