Stuffed red peppers shop style

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Stuffed red peppers shop style
Stuffed red peppers shop style


I am sending you the recipe for my husband's favorite pickle. When we got married and went to visit my grandmother for the first time, she treated him to this pickle, he liked it very much, and since then I have been making it every autumn.


5 kg medium large red peppers

2.5 l fresh milk

5 kg cottage cheese or cheese

s alt, 10-15 aspirin.


The milk is boiled and set aside to cool.

The peppers are gutted and an additional cut is made on one side so that they can be stuffed more easily and absorb the brine more easily.They are filled with the pre-s alted cottage cheese or cheese and arranged tightly in (in the original recipe – a pickle jar) a suitable plastic container with a lid, if there is any left over from the cottage cheese or the cheese is placed between the rows.

Dissolve the aspirins and s alt to taste in the completely cooled milk. The peppers are poured with this brine, and something heavy is placed on top of them so that they do not float, the lid is closed and they are left for 7-8 days in a dark and cool place to ferment, after which they are ready for consumption.

Bon appetit!

The recipe participated in the contest "My Pickle"

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