Marmalades and winter food. 50 easy recipes

Marmalades and winter food. 50 easy recipes
Marmalades and winter food. 50 easy recipes

I was haunted by gloomy thoughts about the future, so I chased them away and made myself jam.

It's amazing how uplifting this is.

David Herbert Lawrence

The book "Marmalades and sweets" is dedicated to wonderful recipes for jam, marmalades, jellies, canning and pickling fruits and vegetables - from traditional recipes to new appetizing and sophisticated solutions for all kinds of tastes. Each recipe explains step by step the method of preparation, the required products and their quantities. A practical book with an original design, especially suitable as a gift for everyone who likes to prepare jams, marmalades, jellies and pickled fruits and vegetables at home.


In winter lies the sweet wisdom of the heart: how to preserve the present for the less favorable times of the year with the help of unique delicacies, capable of reminding us of summer colors when it is snowing outside, or spring abundance when we surround the scents of autumn. Preparing zimminina at home immerses us in the pleasant atmosphere of a ritual, perhaps worthy of the muscles of Hercules, but bringing mostly emotional and gastronomic satisfaction - especially if we use fruits and vegetables from our own garden.

And if we do not work alone, but rely on the help of the whole family, we share with our loved ones the incomparable pleasure of storing your creative impulses, your affection and your love in glass jars. To capture the atmosphere of a heated, lively kitchen filled with words, memories, jokes and banter.

Once you've tried homemade winter meat, you'll never go back to store-bought preserves.And if it is true that canned food could never compare to fresh, it is also true that at Christmas it is always better to enjoy homemade mango marmalade than to buy fresh fruit from the other side in the world, most often expensive and often tasteless.

Homemade winter meat is an excellent way to leave your personal and therefore unique mark on every dish. She is that extra element that makes it special. Raspberry jam, for example, is very tasty even just spread on a slice of bread; however, it can also become the main ingredient of a pie. And if you personally picked the raspberries while hiking in the mountains, and then washed them, dried them carefully and boiled them with sugar to get the jam, your pie will have a unique taste - a taste that comes from your very heart.

Mario Grazia – master chef and teacher at Barilla Academy, born on December 19, 1965. He works as a chef in restaurants, hotels and resorts all over the world (Italy, Cayman Islands, France, Japan, Great Britain, Switzerland, America).He has a long experience as a consultant and cookery teacher. There are many professional publications in specialized magazines and published books on culinary topics.

Barilla Academy


The Italian gastronomic ambassador to the world

In the heart of Parma, recognized as one of the most prestigious capitals of Italian cuisine, is the Barilla Center. It is located on the grounds of a former pasta factory and is a modern architectural complex that is home to the Barila Academy.

It was founded in 2004 to affirm the role of Italian culinary art, to protect the local gastronomic heritage, to protect it from imitations and counterfeits and to preserve the tradition of the Italian restaurant industry. Barila Academy is also a center where great professionalism and talent meet. It organizes cooking courses, offers services to the restaurant industry and products of the highest quality.

In 2007, Barilla Academy received the Premo Impresa - Culture award for its campaigns promoting Italian culinary art worldwide. The center is designed to meet culinary educational needs and has all the multimedia tools for organizing large events. Surrounding the large auditorium are an indoor restaurant, a sensory analysis laboratory and classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In our gastronomic library we store over 11,000 volumes on specific subjects and an extraordinary collection of historical menus and printed materials dedicated to the culinary arts. The vast cultural heritage of the library is available on the Internet, giving everyone access to thousands of digitized historical texts. This cutting-edge approach and the team of internationally recognized experts allow Barilla Academy to offer a wide range of courses and meet the needs of both professional chefs and amateurs.Academia Barilla also organizes cultural events and initiatives to present culinary science to the public, with the participation of experts, chefs and culinary critics. She is also the creator of the Academy Barilla film award for short films dedicated to Italian culinary traditions.

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