Raw elderberry syrup

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Raw elderberry syrup
Raw elderberry syrup


  • elder
  • sugar


This syrup uses the bushy elderberry, which is orange in color when still green and turns black when ripe. This is the black elderberry, also known as the elderberry. No canning needed.


1 kg and 200 g of sugar are added to 1 kg of elderberries

First harvest preparation time

40 days

Second and third harvest preparation time

21 days

Preparation method

With the help of a fork, you plow the kernels from the bunches of the well-ripened elderberry. It's best to lock yourself in the bathroom wearing your house clothes, because this operation turns everything around you violet-blue.

For one kilogram of grains you will need kilogram and 200 g of sugar.

You wash the beans and weigh them. You begin to arrange them in glass jars - three or five liters, starting with sugar at the bottom, on top of that a row of grains, etc., alternating them. Don't push the elderberry.

You tie the jar with a piece of gauze and place it in the sun. It is necessary for the sun to shine on the jar as long as possible during the day.

For forty days every morning stir the mixture using a long spoon, but carefully without crushing the grains. After each stirring, there should be sugar precipitated at the bottom of the jar. When fermentation begins, bubbles appear - this is a sign that the process is going well.

After the period is over, strain the elderberry through a colander. Pour the syrup into glass bottles that you store in the dark and cold.

Put the strained beans back into the jar without crushing them. Top up with water. After twenty-one days standing in the sun and repeating the procedure with daily stirring, the second harvest of syrup is ready. It is for faster consumption.

You strain the elderberry, pour the syrup into bottles, then load a third harvest of elderberries. From my experience, I have reached five harvests.

The syrup is extremely tasty and aromatic after diluting it with water to your liking. You can also use it to garnish creams, sweets, etc.

Instead of elderberry, you can make the syrup from currants, blueberries, strawberries or raspberries.

If you live in a house, choose a place for the jars where the sun will shine on them for most of the day. If you live in an apartment, put the jars on the sunny balcony.

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