7 foods you shouldn't put in the fridge

7 foods you shouldn't put in the fridge
7 foods you shouldn't put in the fridge

We love grocery shopping. We carefully select the ones we love. We keep not only the price to be favorable, but also to have good quality. After this precise selection, do we know how to store food products? For example, tomatoes, strawberries, fruit with stones, bread, chocolate are not good to put in the refrigerator. The rotting process will be accelerated, and in most cases their good flavors will be lost.

Check out some more favorite foods that don't like cold temperatures.


If you keep the garlic in the refrigerator, the low temperatures can provoke a process of germination of the cloves, losing their taste and nice texture. Garlic needs air circulation. Placed in a basket, it can stay in good quality for months.

Eggplants are sensitive to low temperatures. A temperature below 10 °C can damage their texture and taste. It is best to keep them at room temperature and away from other fruits and vegetables.


To be durable and delicious, bananas need a moderate temperature to ripen. Placed in the refrigerator, they will remain not fully ripe for a longer time. But if they have brown spots or are already browner, the cold will speed up the rotting process.


taste best when stored in a cool, dry place. The low temperature in the refrigerator will cause the starch to break down, which changes the taste of the potatoes and may even make them taste sweeter.


It is not a good idea to store this spice in the refrigerator as it can absorb odors and dry out too quickly. That is why it is recommended to put it as a bouquet in a glass of water at room temperature.



Put in the refrigerator, old onions quickly spoil, become soft, and sometimes even mold appears. Onions, like garlic, need some air circulation, so store them in a dry and well-ventilated place.


Fresh cucumbers stored in the refrigerator spoil extremely quickly. Within a few hours, they may soften and lose their fresh crunch. Becoming soft like mushrooms, we have to remove part of the vegetable and not consume it.


We usually buy the avocado when it is well ripe and ready to eat. But if we happen to buy unripe and store it in the refrigerator, it will slow down this process. Avocados will stay tasty and ripen faster if stored in a dry and ventilated place.

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