Stuffed peppers baked with potatoes

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Stuffed peppers baked with potatoes
Stuffed peppers baked with potatoes


  • 10 large peppers
  • 1 again. minced meat (250 G)
  • carrots 4-5 pieces
  • onion 2-3 pieces
  • rice (2 cups)
  • 1 jar lutenitsa (coarsely ground)
  • s alt (2 equal teaspoons)
  • thyme and parsley for seasoning
  • potatoes 6-7 pieces
  • oil 6-7 spoons


The peppers must be seeded, washed and arranged in a tray of the size according to their number. so that there is room between them for the sliced ​​potatoes.

The filling mixture is prepared from the minced meat (lightly fried in a separate container and broken into small pieces), the rice (cleaned and washed in advance), the finely chopped onion (1-2 pieces), one spoonful of s alt, the spices and the sweet potato. Fill the peppers with a small spoon, but do not overfill them so that there is room for the rice in the filling, which doubles in volume.

Arrange the potatoes prepared for roasting (in slices) between the peppers and add the carrots cut into circles, onion cut into larger pieces, the spices - parsley and savory, the other spoonful of s alt and the oil, add water to the pan about 3-4 cups.

The dish is baked for 40 minutes in a very hot oven.

Served in a shallow dish, part of the peppers - 1 or 2, and of the potatoes.

It's delicious and has an irresistible aroma!

In winter, instead of raw peppers, you can use roasted peeled peppers that are preserved. During fasting, minced meat can be replaced with mushrooms: mushrooms and bulgur (pre-cooked a little).

Bon appetit!

The recipe is from the contest "He althy and delicious"

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