How to properly store food in the refrigerator?

How to properly store food in the refrigerator?
How to properly store food in the refrigerator?

Long gone are the days when people had enough time to shop for fresh food absolutely every day. Today, in the hectic daily life, most usually shop for a longer period of time, some even a month ahead.

This often poses risks of food spoilage due to improper storage. Of course, this way not only your pocket suffers, but there is also a he alth hazard from consuming food of questionable quality.

in a way that keeps them fresh for longer is a whole art. However, this art has some basic points of reference that are good to know.

1. Freezing products even at -20 degrees does not kill bacteria, only makes them latent. Therefore, it is good to defrost the chambers of refrigerators and freezers at least once a month and clean them with disinfectants.


2. Do your best to prevent various kitchen odors from being transferred from one product to another. Put meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy products in clearly separated compartments in the refrigerator.

3. Don't leave spoiled products in the kitchen - dispose of them immediately. They create a breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Be careful the room where you store the food does not moisten too much - this is a prerequisite for food spoilage. It is good to keep the products in dry and ventilated rooms.

5. Hot food is cooled to room temperature before being stored in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the food may spoil.

6. Stick stickers on the food containers to mark the dates the food was opened. This way you will be able to better monitor the freshness of the products.

7. Wash fruits and vegetables,before storing them in the refrigerator. This will prevent bacteria from multiplying.

8. Make sure that raw products and cooked dishes are not next to each other. This increases their shelf life.

9. Use containers for both refrigerator and freezer storage. This will prevent bacteria from entering the food.

10. One of the most important rules for storing fresh or cooked food is to allow a minimum amount of air in the containers. Make sure your storage boxes have lids that close tightly.

11. When storing meat and pasta it is good to wrap them well in foil before putting them in the fridge.

12. Fresh products should be placed in the coldest part of the refrigerator, that is, in the innermost part near back wall. Put drinks and packaged products first.

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