Cauliflower casserole

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Cauliflower casserole
Cauliflower casserole



pork - about 1,500 kg

potatoes – 10 pieces

carrots – 3 pieces

pepper -1 piece

cauliflower – 1/3 of the head

onion – 2 pieces

tomato puree - half a cup

white wine – 1 glass


spices: basil, savory, s alt, pepper


The truth is that the products in making a casserole are judged according to the size of the dish. If your casserole is smaller - put less of everything.

The only subtlety that beginner cooks in this case should observe is that the casserole should be well washed and dried in advance, and then placed at the bottom in successive rows a little oil, the sliced ​​onion, the sliced ​​meat, the potatoes, the pepper and the carrots, meat again.

In my case, everything is cut into slices, it looks more beautiful to me. They should not be very thin.

Each row is sprinkled with s alt and pepper. Add the tomato puree. The cauliflower, cut into florets, is poured on top. Add some wine and water.

The important thing to be careful about when baking a casserole is to put the casserole itself in a cold oven, then heat it gradually and evenly so it doesn't burst.

The other important thing is - because the large clay casseroles are heavy, even when empty, they should not be placed on the grill, because they will break it and everything will be ruined, the casserole, the food, and the stove.

You will say this is self-evident! Sure, sure, but there are lousy chefs to whom it happens. Personally, I didn't care for casserole, but yen pot! And there, the principles are the same – never subject to sudden temperature changes. And even if we know it in a hurry, we can go back to the 4th grade in physics, but the couple we will stick together will be much nastier and will make us quite angry.

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