All mushroom dishes in one place

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All mushroom dishes in one place
All mushroom dishes in one place


Mushrooms - for some too strange a food, for others - a favorite! With the mushrooms you have to be careful, not to overdo it. And yet – we can have them at least once a week on our table. Especially in the summer and autumn months, when we collect them in meadows and mountains.

Here is our special selection of recipes for you - the best recipes for mushroom dishes.


Mushrooms with butter, garlic and blue cheese

Duck leg mushrooms with fresh garlic

Chicken and mushroom cocktail

Mushrooms with carrots and leeks

Mushroom cocktail

Mushrooms with mayonnaise

Mushroom Porridge

Tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms

Chicken fillet with mushrooms and cream cheese

Wild mushroom risotto

Mushroom Appetizer

Mushroom and chicken tagliatelle

Mushrooms in white sauce

Eggplants with mushrooms

Sauteed mushrooms with garlic

Mushrooms with cream

Well in Scandinavian

Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushroom Appetizer

Mushroom Cocktail


Lean Mushroom Soup

Pea soup with mushrooms

Mushroom soup


Mushroom salad with red onion and fennel

Crab salad with mushrooms

Easy chicken and mushroom salad

Mushroom salad with macaroni

Green salad with mushrooms and sunflower seeds

Salad with mushrooms and fresh garlic

Garden Salad


Steamed mushrooms with onions, bacon and cream

Steaks with mushrooms and mayonnaise

Steamed Mushrooms with Gravy Cream Sauce

Potato roll with mushrooms

Lamb with mushrooms and potatoes

Chicken with mustard and mushrooms

Pork steaks with mushrooms and mayonnaise

Stuffed mushrooms “Ala Maya”

Liver stew with mushrooms and wine

Rice with leeks and mushrooms

Mushrooms with white wine

Mushrooms with butter

Mushrooms with vegetables in oven

Beef with mushrooms

Mushroom Chicken Pie

Chicken with cream and mushrooms

Rice with mushrooms

Spinach with mushrooms

Chicken with mushrooms and cream

Mushroom fricassee

Mushrooms with cream and green onions

Mushroom and cream sauce

Fresh potatoes with mushrooms and melted cheese

Stuffed potatoes with mushrooms

Chicken stew with mushrooms


Mushrooms with rice

Mushrooms in olive oil

Pickled mushrooms

Onion well

Mushrooms in rustic style

Rice risotto with mushrooms

Mushrooms with butter and fennel

Hungarian goulash with mushrooms and potatoes

Mushrooms with rice in our style

Breaded well

Braised well in butter

Marinated well

Stuffed mushrooms

Forest Feast

Baked Stuffed Mushrooms

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