How to wear bright colors if we have extra kilos?

How to wear bright colors if we have extra kilos?
How to wear bright colors if we have extra kilos?

Often times, instinctively, the presence of extra pounds makes us reach for dark clothes in the wardrobe. We hunch our shoulders, put on a long tunic that covers our hips, and hope no one notices our curves. Unfortunately, such a style only accentuates the flaws, not concealing them. So, imperceptibly, summer comes when we are forced to "hide" again under clothes in dark colors. Don't you wish you could escape this vicious cycle?

Here's how you can do it with the following fashion tricks:

Invest in better quality clothes

Each body has its own specifics. If you are worried about extra pounds, don't forget that there are ladies with the opposite "problem" who also have trouble finding the right clothes.This is where quality workmanship comes to the rescue. Look for a brand that offers clothing for curvy women. The size, cut and fabric of the clothes from such brands will not make you feel uncomfortable wearing them as they will be tailored to your body.

Come out into the light

The bravest thing you can do is step out of your comfort zone. You can do this by trying to wear a different style of jeans or accessories. Maybe light clothes are taboo for you? Then start with something "lighter" - combine dark jeans with a light blouse or simply wear colorful accessories. Another option is to "muffle" light tones with dark ones - for example - an orange blouse combined with a dark jacket.

Combine a light top and neutral colors

If your figure is an "hourglass" type, combine a blouse in a light (why not neon tone) with trousers or a skirt in the neutral range - white, black or nude.In this way, you will soften the lower part and the body, directing the gaze upwards. You can combine with classic accessories.

Wear long pants

As strange as it sounds, when choosing trousers or jeans, we are faced with a huge selection of cuts. Forget "slim fit" jeans - they are too tight - especially around the ankle - this will only accentuate the size of your hips and legs in general. Instead, choose pants (or jeans) that are wider at the bottom, aiming to cover the shoes. In this way, the silhouette is optically lengthened. The color of the shoes must match the tone of the pants so as not to "cut off" the silhouette.

Highlight the waist

To shape your curves, wear clothes that emphasize the waist - for example - a jacket, trench coat, blouse, or a top with a set around the middle of the body. This way you will balance the silhouette and emphasize your femininity.If you don't own such clothes, you can simply add a suitable belt - it can become a real "game changer".


Balance the silhouette

Women's clothes that emphasize the shapes are always in fashion. But of great importance is the right combination. If you have chosen a sexy, fitted pencil skirt for your outfit, combine it with a wider top. Logical - if you wear a fitted blouse, balance the silhouette with a wider skirt.

Keep your outfit simple

Do not overdo it with accents and unnecessary ornaments on clothes - ruffles, sets, fringes - they will only add unnecessary volume to your outfit. Don't overdo it with prints either – sometimes classic lines along the length of the figure are enough.

Choose the right size clothes

Hiding your weight with baggy clothes is not the right strategy.On the contrary, they will cover your curves and add unnecessary volume. Always choose clothes that are your size - without worrying about what it is. In this way, you will emphasize the beauty and femininity of your body.

Get inspiration from the famous

When we talk about style, we often forget that there are quite a few famous ladies whose shapes are far from model-like – Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Kate Upton, Salma Hayek. Take inspiration from them and be brave - life is too short to dress boringly!

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