What to combine a long summer dress with

What to combine a long summer dress with
What to combine a long summer dress with

The long dress has long settled in women's summer wardrobes as a favorite garment for hot days. Walk or party, beach or urban everyday life - it can be comfortable and suitable for any occasion. Here's what you can pair it with to look stylish at any moment of your day.

Dress and sneakers

The trend of wearing dresses with trainers or sneakers is relatively new and may still seem strange to some ladies with a more classic taste. But fashion trends are constantly changing, and today the combination of a long dress with sneakers is common. This is the perfect outfit for you if you are looking for summer comfort and prefer not to wear heels during long walks. So you will be able to comfortably spend hours outside without feeling tired in your legs.And there will be no danger of the dress getting tangled in your heels.

Dress and high heels

Of course, the long dress also loves high heels. In fact, it's a great way to add a few inches to your height, especially when the dress hides the shoes. You will surely look slim and remarkable during the party.

Dress with Belt

If you want to emphasize your slim waist, add a belt to the long dress. Whether it will be narrow or wide, loose or tight, depends on your taste and figure. But one thing is for sure – you will look slimmer and with more feminine curves.

Dress and denim jacket

For the evening out with your long dress, don't forget to take a denim jacket. This style will give you a youthful look and will also emphasize the length of your legs, as jackets are usually short. An additional plus is that practically blue denim color is considered universal, so you can match it with all your summer dresses.This combination looks equally good with sneakers, sandals or espadrilles.

Dress and leather jacket

The leather jacket is the other versatile fighter in a woman's wardrobe and the long dress goes perfectly with it. It adds a bit of chic and sass that every lady needs sometimes. It's good to match the color of the jacket with the color of the shoes, but sneakers are also a good idea for this outfit.

Beach Maxi Dress

The beach maxi dress is the perfect summer holiday outfit. Airy, wide, light, it is not only incredibly comfortable and feminine, but also cool. You can add your favorite flip-flops to it - you're going to the beach after all, right? A wide-brimmed hat and a beach bag in the right style and color will complete the perfect styling and make you really stand out on the beach.

Long dress and lace-up sandals

This style is defiantly feminine, almost Amazonian. You probably think that in this combination, the long dress will hide the beauty of the lace-up sandals.And you're kind of right. But when you sit down, when you move or the breeze stirs your skirt, your beautiful calves will be revealed underneath, accentuated by the laces of the sandals. And in no case will they go unnoticed. These shoes are also a good idea for long dresses with a big slit to show through and add extra charm.

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