How does Mercury retrograde affect our daily lives?

How does Mercury retrograde affect our daily lives?
How does Mercury retrograde affect our daily lives?

The energy of our planet, some natural phenomena, emotional and physical states - according to astrology, all these phenomena are due to the interaction of the planets, their placement and the exchange of energy.

Have you ever wondered why there are days and weeks when nothing goes right? Not only do you feel bad emotionally, but even the equipment in the office breaks down without knowing why! There's chaos on the street, transportation is late, and you can't get to the office? Mercury retrograde is most likely to blame for this little cataclysm of sorts.

3-4 times a year Mercury crosses the Earth's orbit. At this time, if you observe it with a telescope, it will appear to you that Mercury is spinning backwards.Hence the name "retrograde Mercury" For this reason, instead of progressing, the zodiac signs for Mercury go in reverse order. As a result, everything on Earth that is under the influence of Mercury turns into a little chaos.

In order to be able to deal with this disorder we offer you some tips that will help you during these few weeks when this phenomenon appears.

Retrograde Mercury can even affect technology and electronics. So it's best to back up everything you consider valuable - phone numbers, information from your computer, scheduled appointments.

If you are planning trips, know that Mercury also affects transport. If you are traveling by car – prepare a spare tire. If you are flying, make sure you have your passport and that you leave on time. For hikers – put extra food in your backpacks! You may need it.

Review all documents before signing them. Especially those concerning the conclusion of a contract. In this period, it is good to take advantage of the opportunity to complete old obligations, instead of embarking on new ones. As humans, we tend to take on a thousand tasks without realizing how mentally draining it is. Consider your priorities to tackle when Mercury returns to its normal rotation.

When Mercury reverses its direction, it is very likely that your daily life will be full of misunderstandings So prepare yourself to have to repeat and repeat, if necessary. Speak slowly and thoughtfully. If you are a manager or somehow delegate duties to someone, be extra careful to avoid a series of blunders that can occur.

Anticipate unexpected encounters. Mercury retrograde can turn things around so that you meet people from your past circle or relatives you haven't seen in forever.

In that spirit – also look around for ex-boyfriends and partners that you don't want to run into. In this phase, Mercury can stop you from an unpleasant meeting with someone you don't want to see.

Be patient. Sometimes it's better to just let the influence of this planet guide you. It doesn't always cause a mess. Maybe the universe has a special plan for you and is therefore interfering with your commitments. Be patient and you will find out!

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