4 Gemini Season Stones for each sign

4 Gemini Season Stones for each sign
4 Gemini Season Stones for each sign

May 21 marks the season of the Gemini zodiac sign. It will last until June 20. The ruling planet of this sign is Mercury. Geminis are funny, energetic, very inquisitive, love to flirt.

They are an air sign responsible for communication and self-expression. As Gemini season approaches, it's a powerful time for us to not only become better listeners, but also to work on how we express ourselves.

During the 2022 Gemini season, the planet Mercury will be retrograde. This can make us feel more confused, tense, believing that everything that is stagnant will stay that way.

When a planet is retrograde, then it is time to stop, try to connect with ourselves and focus on those things that are certain and clear to us.

Of course, during Gemini season, no matter under which zodiac sign we were born, we can trust the 4 stones with incredible positive energy. Decorate them in your home, wear them as jewelry or as a small piece in your bag. See who they are.


A stone that connects to the throat chakra. It is suitable for stimulating communication, self-expression, as well as the, also known as the gland of happiness. Gemini is known as one of the most talkative of the zodiac. During their season, if we lack enough courage to state our position, if we lack self-confidence, we can trust the angelite stone.


Beautiful green stone. The color green stimulates the heart chakra. This makes it a wonderful stone to stimulate love and self-care, to improve romantic relationships. But we should not forget that the color green is also associated with money, peace and balance.


It is a lesser known stone that helps us build a positive relationship with ourselves and others. Thulite is less a stone of self-love and more of relationships with others. This stone is also associated with the heart chakra. According to some Western sources, the stone in beautiful colors helps balance blood pressure, relieves headaches. It helps us when we have to speak in front of people, we have an important meeting, we want to reduce the tension.


Another wonderful gem for the Gemini season. Citrine attracts luck and helps us realize our goals. It is also believed to attract cash flow. It eliminates negative energy around us. The stone connects to the solar plexus chakra, increasing not only our confidence but also creativity. As we know, Geminis have a lot of air energy, but citrine will balance this with the fire energy that is typical of the zodiac signs Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.That way we will be able to be in harmony.

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