The sun has entered the sign of Libra – we will seek inner balance

The sun has entered the sign of Libra – we will seek inner balance
The sun has entered the sign of Libra – we will seek inner balance

On September 22nd The Sun entered the sign of Libra and we welcomed the astronomical autumn. When the Sun makes its transit in Libra, we have a greater energy or desire for peace and balance within ourselves and with others. But this cosmic event is joined by Mercury and Mars, and these two planets will also pass through the sign. You can read more about Mars in Libra here.

The arrival of this new astrological period will place significant emphasis on renewing our love lives and taking the next steps in our relationships. But according to Western astrologers, to move forward in our partnerships, we will have to be patient. Libra is a cardinal air sign that reminds us that the best partnerships thrive when they are given the space they need.

Until October 22nd, when the Libra season ends and the Sun moves into Scorpio, we can reexamine our love patterns. This is a period in which we will be able to eliminate those people from our lives who are not meant for us, to make room for the new,especially if we are looking for our soulmate.


All this sounds very nice, but the Sun in Libra can bring us some trouble because of the retrograde movement of Mercury, which lasts from September 27th to October 18th. We will have the desire to make some changes, but we should not rush into our decisions. Sometimes it's just better to go with the flow.

Finding inner peace and tranquility is something we should strive for and it can be accomplished. By achieving this harmony in ourselves, we will be able to apply it in our relationships with people.

For Aries this transit can be demotivating in many aspects, so it is good to clear your home of everything unnecessary to improve the energy around you. Taurus and Cancer may have some project delays, feel more tired, without energy.

Gemini will have joys, luck, but they have to fight against negative thoughts. For Lions it will also be important to deal with frequently changing moods, and in affairs they will have to rely only on themselves. Virgos to pay more attention to their he alth, and Libra will enjoy positive changes.

Scorpios will be lucky, but they should not be frivolous about work and money. Sagittarians may face insomnia more often, so it is good to balance their emotions with meditation, yoga, sports, massages.

Capricorns will be faced with some choices, but the stars will give them a sign if they are moving in the wrong direction.Aquarians will be able to solve some problems and bring more variety to life, and those born under the sign of the zodiac Pisces may devote themselves to a favorite activity and sport.

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