5 is a sign that you are not eating enough carbs

5 is a sign that you are not eating enough carbs
5 is a sign that you are not eating enough carbs

Carbohydrates are vital substances without which the body can hardly maintain all its functions. In recent years, carbohydrates have gained notoriety for their effect on weight. Demonizing them in general leads to extremes where many people decide to eliminate carbohydrates from their diet altogether or reduce them to an absolute minimum.

It is important to note that refined and added carbohydrates are harmful. These are sugars and artificial additives that raise blood sugar, lead to overweight and obesity with all their side effects and risks.Simple carbohydrates found in refined white flour, sugar and pasta, packaged foods and desserts are different from complex carbohydrates found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

What are the signs that you are overdoing your low-carb diets and not getting enough carbs?

You are constipated

Natural sources of carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, are also very rich in fiber. Fiber is necessary for normal bowel function. If you do not get enough of these valuable carbohydrates, it is very likely that you will have constipation.

Constant hunger

All nutrients are important in controlling hunger and keeping you full. Excluding any of these can lead to an imbalance in these mechanisms, as well as making you constantly hungry. The fiber in he althy sources of carbohydrates helps to keep you feeling full longer.If you don't consume enough of these carbohydrates, you may be hungry more often during the day.

Midnight meal

When you restrict yourself during the day and too drastically, at night it is very likely that you will crave something sweet. Nighttime hunger isn't always just a whim. It is dictated both by emotional restrictions and stress, as well as by overly drastic restrictions in nutrition, prompting to reach for caloric and sweet foods in this range of the day.


The gut microbiome consists of billions of bacteria that are important to he alth. They are extremely influenced by the way of eating. When they don't get the carbohydrates and fiber that are important for their functions, these bacteria send signals to the brain that cause irritability. In situations of carbohydrate deficiency, the beneficial bacteria in the intestines begin to play the role of neurotransmitters that influence the secretion of serotonin - the hormone of happiness.

Complex and simple carbohydrates stimulate serotonin production. When their intake is extremely insufficient, serotonin levels drop, and hence the bad mood and irritability.

Low Power Levels

Carbohydrates are the fastest source of energy. The body is designed to prioritize burning carbohydrates for energy. When they are in small amounts, the body turns to protein and fat for energy. However, this process is not inherent in nature. As it adapts you are likely to experience weakness, fatigue, low energy levels.

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