Possible reasons for sudden weight loss

Possible reasons for sudden weight loss
Possible reasons for sudden weight loss

Throughout life one faces weight gain, struggle with losing of kilograms It is normal that our weight over the years does not is a constant. When we try to get into the dream measurements, we follow all kinds of diets, diets, sports, move more. When the results finally come, we know they are the result of hard work.

However, when we lose weight without undergoing deprivation, without having put in any effort of our own, it is possible that there is some he alth problem behind our weight loss. If the weight loss happened suddenly and sharply, then it is possible that there is a reason for concern and a visit to a specialist doctor.

Of course, the reasons are not always dangerous and scary. Sudden weight loss does not necessarily have to be due to life-threatening illnesses alone. It is possible that the stress in your daily life has caused it. Work, a painful breakup, problems in the family, with colleagues or with friends can be at the root of your weight change.

What are the dangerous causes of sudden weight loss?

It is not common and definitely not normal for a person to lose some weight for no apparent reason. This is what endocrinologist from the University of Pennsylvania Anne Cappola says, quoted by he althdigest.com. "If you're losing weight and nothing has changed in your diet and exercise habits, you should be a little concerned about that," she says.

According to her, one of the possible reasons for the sudden weight loss could be the increased function of the thyroid gland. It controls the metabolism. If the gland secretes more hormones than necessary, the weight starts to plummet.An uncontrolled state of hyperthyroidism can lead to her exhaustion and significant weight loss.

Some cancers can also cause weight loss. Among the most common of them are tumors related to the digestive system. Unexplained weight loss may be related to cancer of the stomach, colon, or other parts of the digestive tract. That's what Jamie Fleming, MD, a gastroenterologist at the Cleveland Clinic told prevention.com.

Among other possible causes of sudden weight loss are mental problems. Depression, loss of appetite, deep sadness, stress are among the causes of weight loss. In many of these cases, one does not even notice that one is losing weight.

If you notice sudden weight loss, it is very important to consult a doctor. He will assess whether your condition warrants further investigation to find the cause. Don't take measures alone and don't neglect weight loss.

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