All recipes for the New Year in one place

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All recipes for the New Year in one place
All recipes for the New Year in one place


New Year's dinner - it should be stylish, nutritious and rich, but at the same time it is also challenging because, unlike Christmas or Christmas Eve, there are no canons, no traditions and we have complete freedom to choose! From steak classics to something modern, extravagant, but in any case tasty and attractive!

Here's a set of interesting New Year's Eve ideas and recipes for your convenience all in one place!


Holiday Savory Cake

Snowmen and tree for appetizer

My favorite appetizers for Christmas and New Year

Exotic appetizer with avocado

Fish cocktail “Winter Sea”

Dry tarator

Ham Rolls

Appetizer for “Pretensions”


New Year's Salad

Beet and pickle salad

Cream cheese and red pepper salad

Chicken Salad

Winter salad “Kincha”

Fresh salad for winter days

Holiday Salad “Lonely Island”

Winter Salad

New Year's Salad

Winter Tomato Salad

Bean salad with fish


Pork soup with cabbage juice

Pacha Soup

Cream of frozen vegetable soup


Pork Skewers

Pork steaks with mushrooms and mayonnaise

Chicken skewers with vegetables

Grilled meatballs

Fried meatballs

Pork with Sauerkraut

Quails in eggplant

Roasted New Year's Turkey

Spicy Hunter Skewers

Oven cutlets with melted cheese

Turkey in English

Beef cutlets with ham and wine

Oven goose with sauerkraut

Roll "Stephanie"

Pork with wine sauce

Roast Turkey

Cutlets in foil

Roast Chicken with Patterned Garnish

Pork fillet with tomato sauce and hazelnuts

Braised pork tenderloin

Steak with stuffing


Holiday Dinner

Stuffed Goose

Irish Pork Chops

Pork roast in beer

Tastes for special occasions

Christmas Cap


Baked Pie

Fortune Cake

Holiday Fortune Pie

Honey, sesame and poppy seed pie

Fortune Pie

Strudel with ready crusts


New Year's Sweets

Marzipan Christmas trees


Holiday Walnut Cookies

New Year's Almond and Orange Cupcakes

“Cat's paws” with chocolate

New Years Pie

Chocolate Christmas Cake

All cakes

Homemade Easy Baklava

Holiday Figurines

Snowballs in chocolate cream

New Year Candy Canes

Sweet and s alty beautiful pie

New Year's Sweets

Winter Fruit Cake

Sun Holiday Cake

New Year's "shiny Christmas trees"


Egg Punch

Warm wine (le vin chaud)

Rolls Royce Cocktail

Hot chocolate with brandy

Champagne cocktail

Long island cocktail

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