Vacuum cleaner disinfection

Vacuum cleaner disinfection
Vacuum cleaner disinfection

Just because the vacuum cleaner cleans your home doesn't mean it doesn't need cleaning itself! Many people overlook this fact.

Thus, over the years, there are great risks that you will have to throw away a good working vacuum cleaner just because it has become dusty or moth-infested.

Yes, that's right. Those who haven't experienced it will probably find it strange, but it is possible. These bastards live somewhere. The bag of the vacuum cleaner turns out to be a great hiding place for them as well as a breeding ground.

If your vacuum cleaner has a non-reusable bag that you empty from time to time and return to the machine - know that there is a possibility it retains moisture and becomes attractive to pesky insects and pests.

How to clean and disinfect the vacuum cleaner?

Throw away the old vacuum cleaner bag. Put in a new one, but it is important that the new one is placed in a clear plastic bag. This way you will insulate it and avoid the appearance of mold and insects. And you will prevent the unpleasant smell that spreads from the old vacuum cleaner during use.

Spray the inside with disinfectant

Take a surface disinfectant spray, preferably an all-purpose one. Spray the inside of the vacuum cleaner to kill bacteria and larvae. Spray liberally, wrap the vacuum in a plastic bag and leave for a while.

Once you're sure enough time has passed and you're sure the bugs are dead, give the machine a good tap so the dead moths fall out.

Wipe with vinegar

Pour a small cup of white vinegar into a bucket of water. Dampen a clean cotton cloth with the liquid and wring it out well. Clean the external visible parts of the vacuum cleaner with the vinegar. Then dry with a clean towel.

The smell of vinegar will eventually drive away the remaining living organisms.

You can also use alcohol

Moisten a clean cloth with alcohol. Disinfect the vacuum cleaner by wiping all accessible parts inside.

Remember after these procedures to leave the vacuum cleaner in the air for several hours or until you are sure it is completely dry before putting it back into use.

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