What to use orange peels for?

What to use orange peels for?
What to use orange peels for?

Orange peels are something we should never throw away immediately. They contain essential oils and substances that have their own beneficial properties that can be used in the home and everyday life.

What can we use orange peels for? Why shouldn't we throw them away?

To refresh the fridge

In the refrigerator we store all kinds of products that leave their mark. Odors sometimes accumulate, some overpowering others. To remove bad odors from inside the refrigerator, sprinkle fresh orange peels in it. The pleasant citrus smell will neutralize the bad smell from other products.

For cleaning wooden surfaces

Rubbing orange peels into wooden furniture and surfaces not only gives them a pleasant fragrance, but also cleans and polishes them. Mix the peels with a little apple cider vinegar to make a natural, non-toxic, homemade wood polish and cleaner. Leave the skins soaked in the vinegar for about 2 weeks. Remove the skins and transfer the essential oil-infused vinegar to a spray bottle. Spray the wooden surfaces and wipe them with a cotton cloth.

For polishing stainless steel

Again, thanks to its natural oils, orange peels help maintain stainless steel items. Rub the peels into the metal surface, then wipe with a damp cloth.

To perfume the wardrobe

You can make the clothes in the closet or closet smell wonderful by scattering orange peels in different corners of it. Orange essential oils repel moths and protect against mold.

Instead of hair conditioner

The concentrated presence of vitamin C in orange peels is beneficial not only for the immune system, but also for the hair. To make homemade hair conditioner, grind orange peels in a blender. Grind them well until you get a smooth mixture and use it instead of conditioner. Emphasize the ends of the hair.

To soften the sugar

Every baker and confectioner knows that white and brown sugar that stays in the cupboard for a long time forms lumps. To prevent the sugar from drying out, put some orange peels in it. They give off moisture and help the sugar not form hard lumps.

To scent the sink and drain

If a bad smell is emanating from the sink drain, you can fix this with orange peels. Finely grind some peels and drop them down the drain. Water abundantly. The oils in them will help keep the canal from clogging and at the same time aromatize it.

Against bugs

Orange peels are a great insect repellent. The citrus smell that is pleasant to humans is repulsive to bugs and flying insects. If you want to get rid of them, scatter some orange peels around your home or in the garden.

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