Ideas how to furnish the children's room for the new school year

Ideas how to furnish the children's room for the new school year
Ideas how to furnish the children's room for the new school year

The cherished date for children and parents is approaching, namely September 15. Some are waiting for it with impatience, others with concern, but in any case, this day does not leave anyone without emotions and excitement. For parents, however, this day is also associated with some organizational activities, such as furnishing the children's room with the appropriate furniture for the student at home. And as time progresses, we will try to help you with a few recommendations on what to look for when choosing furniture and accessories.

According to psychologists and teachers, it is advisable to include the child in the process when preparing and furnishing the room for the new school year. This will prepare his mind that in a few days he will be a student (again) and have responsibilities.

How to do it?

Talk to him, show him what you liked, ask him his opinion. If he/she shows you models that you don't like, calmly explain to him/her why they are not suitable and what are the important criteria that you should consider together when furnishing the room.

Organize the study corner with the right furniture

Persistence is key to children's development from an early age. This continues to be important when they become students. A well-equipped study corner with appropriate furniture - a stable desk, a comfortable chair, a stylish desk lamp creates the necessary comfort for the child and motivates him to study persistently.

When we create and organize the space for learning and writing homework, we need to make sure that there are no distractions such as toys and tablets nearby. When children are studying it is important that they are focused, as they are extremely easily distracted and lose motivation quickly.If you can create a comfortable and stylish study corner for them, you will surely get closer to an "excellent" mission.

What are the important components?



The desk undoubtedly ranks at the top of the ranking for children's room furniture. It should be large enough, with at least a few lockers in which the student can arrange his/her learning materials and supplies. The larger number of cabinets makes it easier to arrange textbooks and notebooks, and gives you the opportunity to put all the necessary tools for the child - pencils, paints, felt-tip pens, sharpeners, scissors and others. When they are within arm's reach, convenient to take out and put away, you will save the student valuable time and reduce the chances of them getting distracted and falling out of learning.

In "Mebeli Videnov" you will be offered a variety of ideas for a desk and a suitable chair for it, so that you can delight your student at home with a completely new and special acquisition.



The chair is the second most important thing in a school room. And this is no accident - in this chair, the child will spend more than one or two hours during the school year writing, reading and self-training. If the chair is not comfortable and with a design that is gentle on the child's back, you risk that your student will start to slouch or distort his posture. And for a developing young person, any deformity of the back and posture can have severe and negative he alth consequences.

Be extremely careful when choosing and buying a chair for the children's room. Consider the height and weight of the child and it is advisable to be together when buying the chair. Have him sit, feel the chair, get comfortable, imitate writing and reading to gauge his posture. Only then proceed to purchase.

Desk lamp


As autumn approaches, the day is getting shorter and it will get dark earlier. Which means that for at least a few months during the fall-winter period, students will have to study and do their homework at night, in artificial light. In such cases, the maxim is like that of our beloved Winnie the Pooh: "The more, the more." The more lighting fixtures there are in the children's room, the better this will affect the child's vision. Keep in mind that with each subsequent school year, the material that children take at school becomes more voluminous and serious. This requires children to work extra at home, after school, to prepare various projects and sometimes this takes a lot of time in the evening.

For these frequent, almost daily sessions, it is advisable to have enough light in the room, by having a desk lamp in addition to the main lamp. It will direct the light so that the child does not have to stare and put extra strain on the eyes.In addition to being practical, the desk lamp can also be the special accent in the room, becoming a child's favorite.

Ready furniture collections


If you do not have time and do not want to waste strength and energy in selecting individual furniture from different stores, ready-made collections and sets for a children's room are a convenient and practical option. At "Mebeli Videnov" you will find many different offers for ready-made sets for furnishing the student's room. This will save you time and effort from wandering around and wondering what to choose.

In addition to this option being very convenient, it will also save you money, as "Videnov Furniture" offers children's room furniture items with reductions of up to 40% at the moment. Take advantage and choose the best for your child.

Time for a new bed and bedding


Kids grow like mushrooms is one of the most common phrases we use when we marvel at how quickly our little one has grown. Along with this rapid growth and the joy it causes in our home, it also gives rise to some needs such as a new, bigger bed and accordingly new bedding. If a year or two ago your little one loved cartoon characters and enjoyed sheets with Lightning McQueen or Anna and Elsa from Frozen, today they may want completely different themed bedding. It is normal for children to grow and change their taste. Sometimes it may seem difficult for us to be in sync with them because everything happens quickly and dynamically, but it is still important to consider their interests and respect them.

Choose a place where the backpacks stand

As we have already said above, the most important thing for children is persistence. When you establish a rule it is good to stick to it.Such an example is the place where the child will leave his school bag. It is important to have such an established place - it can be on the floor next to the desk or on a hanger on the wall, on a shelf in the wardrobe or wherever you think will be convenient and practical.

Reading Pouf


A student's room isn't just for studying, right? There will still be a corner for games and entertainment, and why not a corner for reading? One of the most practical and comfortable options, which children adore, are poufs and barbarones. These soft chairs, in which they sink with pleasure and enjoy an exciting book or watch a favorite children's movie, are a must-have item for any children's room, as long as you have the space, of course. And if you don't have one, you can put such a pouf in the living room and it will again be a joy for the child.

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