What should we use the avocado nut for?

What should we use the avocado nut for?
What should we use the avocado nut for?

Avocado is an extremely useful fruit. It is rich in vitamins and useful fatty acids, indispensable for the he alth of the body.

Due to its numerous beneficial effects, avocado is also used in cosmetics due to its beneficial effects on the skin and hair. In general, it is one of the products that must be included in our daily use.

It turns out that and his nut is not to be thrown away. It is useful in many aspects. See what you can use it for!

Avocado nut as a natural dye

We know that the seed of the avocado has a greenish-brown color, and that must have scared you when we talked about dyeing.Fear not – the interesting thing about the avocado seed is that it dyes pink. It can be used to gently and naturally dye fabrics by rubbing. It is suitable if you want to add a slight accent to a white or light fabric.

Keep Guacamole Fresh


If you love making avocado guacamole, you probably know how perishable it is. It's hard to keep fresh for longer, and the good thing is that the avocado's own seed has the property of keeping guacamole fresh longer.

You just need to dip her inside it.

Use nuts as an exfoliant

Well dried and finely grated, avocado kernels are a great addition to your homemade facial exfoliating mask. You can grate them into larger pieces to make a foot scrub. It has a refreshing effect and softens rough skin.

Eat her

The avocado nut may seem inedible to you, but it is not. It can become an ingredient in your early morning energy smoothie. It contains exceptional nutrients that your body needs - calcium, magnesium, potassium.

Make tea

Just dip the pit of the avocado in hot water and wait until it releases its juices, color and nutrients. The potion is magical.

Grate the nut and use it in your sauces

The taste it gives to sauces and additions to your dishes is magical, and full of useful substances.

Sow your avocados

A beautiful plant can grow from the stone, the fruits of which you can harvest in time. Why not grow organic avocados at home?

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