5 Stain Cleaning Mistakes You're Making

5 Stain Cleaning Mistakes You're Making
5 Stain Cleaning Mistakes You're Making

Stains on clothes and textile surfaces at home are a problem that every housewife struggles with. Sometimes they are very stubborn and difficult to remove easily, and no one wants their clothes, sofa or carpets stained with stubborn stains. In our quest to remove stains, we often make some mistakes that make cleaning even more difficult and leave stains on your favorite clothes and flooring.

What Are Stubborn Stain Cleaning Mistakes You Shouldn't Make?

You're not acting fast enough

The first rule of stain removal is instant reaction. You need to react immediately to ensure that the stain will be cleaned as much as possible and no trace of it will remain.If you start treating the stain right away, the likelihood of removing it completely is very high. This is especially true for stains from red wine, olive oil, coffee and other stubborn stains. Even if the stain is on your garment and you can't immediately throw it in the washing machine, it's important to apply a little detergent or soap mixed with water and scrub. Dish detergent works great if you're in the office for example.

Not rinsing with the proper water temperature

Warm water is effective on mud stains or oil stains, while blood and wine stains are best treated with cold water.

You put the garment in the dryer too early

If you use a dryer, you should keep in mind that drying clothes in this way seals the stains. If you haven't completely removed the stain, the dryer will harden it due to the high temperatures and make it impossible to remove if any of it remains.Do not rush drying until you are sure that the stain is completely gone.

Do not test before applying stain remover

Stain preparations are aggressive and can damage the surrounding tissue if used hastily. Before using directly on the stain, it is a good idea to first do a small test on another piece of fabric or a test patch in an inconspicuous place, where you can check that the detergent will not adversely affect the fabric. This way you will be sure that it will not bleach the color or destroy the textile threads if the detergent is very strong or contains bleaching substances.

Wipe the stain

If you rush to rub the stain, you risk pushing the remnants of it further into the fabric. Therefore, first of all, apply a detergent and wait for some time until it works. Then you can take other actions such as rubbing, washing and rinsing. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

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