Save time, space and money! The whole kitchen in 1 device

Save time, space and money! The whole kitchen in 1 device
Save time, space and money! The whole kitchen in 1 device

Are you familiar with the following situation - 3 hours of cooking, a sink full of dishes, greasy stains on the counter, and your nerves are so tense that you've lost your appetite? If your answer is yes, then the following lines are just for you!

We will tell you that there is a way to cook fast, he althy, super easy and always with excellent results. And with very little fat! No sticking, no burning, no using trays, pots and pans. Without even using the oven, microwave or grill! Sound too good to be true? So you haven't met the Delimano Gourmet 8 in 1 – a revolutionary device that you can view HERE.

Delimano Gourmet 8 in 1 is everything you need in the kitchen! Appliance and pan in 1, seven cooking modes. Thanks to the ceramic coating, the food is baked evenly, retains maximum juiciness and useful ingredients, and cleaning takes place in seconds!

Who says he althy can't be damn tasty? You taste the products, put them in the appliance, select the mode and temperature, and that's it! And with the timer and the lid made of PYREX glass, you can easily control the cooking process.

But the best thing is that Delimano Gourmet 8 in 1 replaces the appliances and dishes in your kitchen! You can forget about the deep fryer, the oven, the microwave, the steamer, the slow cooker, the stove, the grill, the fondue maker, and even the grill! Forget about the pots, pans and pans! You already have all this in 1

  • With mode Saute – boil and bake.
  • With mode Flash Fry – fry.
  • With mode Steam – stew and steam.
  • With mode Grill – prepare delicious dishes on the grill.
  • With mode Warm – you prepare an exquisite fondue.
  • And mode Slow Cook – for slow cooking.

In addition to saving you a lot of money buying all these dishes and appliances, you will also save time. Because with Delimano Gourmet 8 in 1 you cook up to 30% faster. In addition, the appliance has a large enough area to prepare food for the whole family (6-8 portions).

Multifunctional, eco-friendly, sustainable, easy to use, easy to clean, Delimano Gourmet 8 in 1 is the appliance every household needs Do not hesitate and order from HERE right now. And for even greater ease in cooking, you will also receive a book with 60 recipes as a gift!

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