Brunfelzia - a color explosion

Brunfelzia - a color explosion
Brunfelzia - a color explosion

Brunfelsia is a beautiful shrub that comes from Central, North and South America. It blooms in purple colors, but they are also found in white and yellow. There are over 40 species of evergreen shrubs of this family.

The beautiful plants of this genus are slow growing with large leaves and small violet-like flowers. They are extremely beautiful because from a distance they create the impression of a colorful carpet. The flowers are extremely delicate and beautiful and bloom from March to July

Brunfelzia reaches a height of 3 meters, so it is good to allow enough space.


Brunfelzia loves moisture, but overwatering is harmful to it. During the warm months, it is watered in moderate quantities, maybe every 2-3 days, and in the winter, watering should be reduced to a minimum.

To ensure the necessary moisture, spray the leaves from time to time.



This shrub does not like excessive heat, it even prefers cooler temperatures. Despite the cool air temperature, the humidity should be higher. However, temperatures should not fall below 16 degrees. In the summer, brunfelsia does not tolerate strong sun and it is not good to leave it in direct sunlight in the heat.


Transplanting is done by seeds or cuttings in water. It is done in summer or spring. After the plant has overbloomed, it should be pruned. Depending on whether you want the bush to branch, you should trim the tip. If you want it to reach its full height, trim the sides.

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