House plants that relieve allergy symptoms

House plants that relieve allergy symptoms
House plants that relieve allergy symptoms

Besides being a wonderful decoration solution at home, plants can also affect our he alth. Some certain plants that can be grown at home favor allergy symptoms for example. If you suffer from allergies, you know that any means of alleviating them counts. Therefore, we will give you some ideas for plants that have properties to purify the air and positively affect people with allergies.


According to garden and plant expert Paul Bishop, dracaena is the perfect plant for people who have allergies. Its ability to absorb allergens from the air and trap them in its leaves makes it an indispensable helper at home.Since its size can become too large over time, it is good to trim it regularly. If you decide to grow it at home, find a place for the plant that gets moderate sunlight.

Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm is a tropical plant that is very effective in improving indoor air quality. According to Paul Bishop, this plant ranks highest in the ranking for air purifiers. It can effectively filter formaldehyde, xylene, even carbon. These pollutants have a serious effect on increasing allergic symptoms. Bamboo palm also has strong repellent properties and repels insects. It needs light, but not direct sunlight, and it needs to be watered regularly.


If you don't have a pollen allergy, this colorful, cheerful and cheerful flower is a wonderful addition to your home interior. Gerbera helps filter out benzene, a harmful chemical that can be found in many places – in pesticides, paints, cigarette smoke and more.According to expert Paul Bishop, who commented on Popsugar, gerberas are very easy to grow. The most important thing is to put them in a place where there will be direct sunlight.



Recent research reveals that ivy can seriously reduce the amount of mold spores in the air and thus relieve allergy symptoms.

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