Chefflera - easy to grow

Chefflera - easy to grow
Chefflera - easy to grow

Shefflera is an incredibly beautiful green plant from the ivy family. His homeland is Australia. Extremely unpretentious and easy to grow. Its beauty lies in its interesting leathery leaves, which are a trademark of the shefflera. The height of the plant in home conditions can reach 2 meters, and the shefflera can spread up to 70 cm - 1 m in width. It grows quickly and pleases the eye and the atmosphere in the home.

Schefflera can be encouraged by pruning depending on what direction you want to give it - both side branches can be pruned for more height and the top can be pruned to control height.

Location and Light


Shefflera needs an average amount of light. Prefers well-lit places, but not direct sunlight. It tolerates semi-shaded to shady places very well. It is only important that the degree of illumination does not have a sharp border from too bright to suddenly dark.


Watering must be with standing water at room temperature. It should be soft and free of chlorine particles. It is watered moderately to rarely. When the top layer of soil is dry it is time to water. Care must be taken that the soil does not dry out too much and crack, because it is harmful to the plant.



Schefflera grows best and leaves at a constant temperature of about 20 to 23 degrees. In winter, it is not good for the temperature to drop below 10 degrees.


High humidity is good for shefflera. In summer, the leaves are sprayed with a sprayer to increase humidity. It is also important to ventilate the room in which the plant is often, but keep it away from drafts.



Suitable soil for shefflera is the one containing more humus. Schefflera also needs regular feeding with a nutrient solution in about 2-3 weeks. It fertilizes between April and September, when it is active.


Transplanted every year in a deeper and wider pot. The soil should be regularly enriched and aerated.

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