Stokesia - how to grow it?

Stokesia - how to grow it?
Stokesia - how to grow it?

Stokesia is a beautiful perennial plant that blooms most often with pleasant purple flowers. Flowering begins in mid-summer. The height of the flowering branches reaches 30-40 cm. Purple flowers are the most common, but there are also varieties of the plant blooming in white, pink, blue, yellow.


Location and Light

Stokesia needs abundant light to grow and bloom profusely. Place it on an east, west, or south ledge. Tolerates partial shade.


The minimum temperature for the plant in winter is not less than 7 degrees. In summer, the maximum is 27-28 degrees.


Stokesia needs moderate watering. It is important to be careful not to overwater because the roots rot. Excessive drying is also not recommended.



The flower is not pretentious to the soil. Ordinary garden soil mixed with a little peat is suitable. It is important to have good drainage so as not to retain excess water.


Seeds are sown in spring. Young plants grow quickly and begin to bloom already in summer. The seeds are sown shallowly. The pots are placed in direct sunlight. They are watered regularly and moderately until germination. The young plants are transplanted into individual pots and placed in indirect abundant light.

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