Dovetail (limonium) - how to grow it

Dovetail (limonium) - how to grow it
Dovetail (limonium) - how to grow it

Gorlice, also called limonium, is a perennial herb with showy flowers. It is mainly used for the decoration and shaping of borders and gardens. Groups and tufts are successfully created from the gorse, with which you can properly decorate your garden.

This beautiful flower blooms all summer with rich small flowers in bright shades of blue, purple, pink, white. Also used for bouquets.


Location and Light

The turtledove loves bright sunlight. Plant it or put the pot in a well-lit place. Shady places in the garden are not suitable for it.


The soil for the turtledove should be slightly sandy, loose, light and contain a little clay. It does not need to be heavily nourished. The plant thrives in moderately fertile soil.



The neck is watered moderately. In summer, watering is daily, and in winter it can be done every other day, taking care not to overwater.


The suitable temperature for this beautiful flower is temperate. The minimum temperature in winter is 10 degrees, and the maximum in summer is 30 degrees.


Propagation is easiest by seeds. They are sown in February-March, and in May the young plants have already sprouted and can be planted outdoors.

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