Ailostera – beautiful flowering cactus

Ailostera – beautiful flowering cactus
Ailostera – beautiful flowering cactus

Ailostera is a wonderful cactus that pleases its owners with delicate flowers in fiery shades. Its homeland is Bolivia, but it is also found in northern Argentina. It grows best on slopes at an altitude of nearly 3,600 meters. The climate there is harsh, so this cactus is capable of withstanding any challenges.

Ailostera has a small, cylindrical stem with ribbed stripes. It is approximately 2 and a half centimeters wide. It does not grow much in height. The flowers are located at the top of the stem. They are also about 2 cm in size.

Flowering is usually in spring. Under the right conditions, it can last for several weeks. Some species bloom in pink, dark red, white.


Location and Light

Growing the iloster at home is not at all difficult, because it is unpretentious. Place it on a very sunny windowsill so that it enjoys direct light throughout the day.


Watering is desirable to happen rarely and in small amounts, with stagnant water. In the spring, watering should be once every two weeks in very small amounts until the flower buds appear. After that, the water is increased to once a week. In the summer, you can also place the ailostera outdoors.


This is a cactus. It withstands extreme heat and drought. In winter, it does not tolerate too low temperatures. Maintain about 6 to 10 degrees in the room. During this period, watering is reduced to a very minimal and scarce amount.



Suitable soil for Aylostera is a mixture of light fertile soil with some coarse sand for drainage and some fine gravel.


There are two convenient ways of breeding the Ailostera. One is through seeds collected after the flowers have overbloomed. They are sown in warm soil with about 15 to 20 degrees temperature in spring.

The other way is by separating the branches, which are taken and rooted in wet sand until roots appear. Then they are planted in the soil mixture.

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